On-campus leadership positions available

Now's your chance to...

  • be a leader
  • advocate for students
  • get involved in campus life

Run for the 2020-2021 RHA Exec Board!

Click here for more info and to apply.

Area Council

Area Councils are elected student councils that represent the residents living on their side of campus. Area Councils also manage funds, host programs, and much more!


Elected student leaders that serve as liaisons between residents and University Housing and Dining. This is done through advocacy, leadership development, and general guidance and support. Office hours can be found here or on the calendar.

After Darks

Lots of food and fun stuff to do on a Friday night. Free admission and food with your OSU student ID.

Constitution and Statutes

Governing document used to structure what we do. If you like long discussions about specific wording or want to help influence the direction of RHA, then join the constitution committee! (it won’t actually just be long discussions about specific wording)

Hall Resources

Want to check out equipment like speakers or a popcorn machine or learn how to request money from Area Council or RHA? There are other helpful links here too.


NACURH is a leadership association that brings student leaders together across the nation in order to create the best experience for campus residents. Are you interested in going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for free this Spring? Applications coming later!