We are RHA

RHA is a student lead organization that represents the student who live on campus to University Housing and Dining Services department (UHDS). We work with residents in each of the side's of campus Area Council to plan events for their hall and area communities, and to work with UHDS Administrators to address the changing needs of students living on campus. We also coordinate and host a variety of fun and educational events and activities throughout the year!

Find our office here in McNary Hall

Check out our area councils!

West Side Area Council represents Buxton, Cauthorn, Hawley, Poling, Sackett, Weatherford, and West halls.

We meet Mondays at 6 PM at the LINC in room 268! (LINC 268)

East Side Area Council draws from Callahan, McNary, Tebeau, and Wilson Halls.

We meet Mondays at 6 PM at McNary Dining in the Timerberline room! 

South Side Area Council represents Bloss, Finley, Halsell, and the ILLC. 

We meet Mondays at 6 PM in the ILLC in classroom 345!

The three Area Councils (East Side, West Side, and South Side) provide an
opportunity for you to serve in leadership roles while representing your fellow
residents and enhancing the residential experience. You will have the opportunity to advocate for positive change on campus, host social activities, and a lot more!