Stay on campus this summer and enjoy the simplicity of residence hall living. Oregon State's residence halls are close to campus resources and a short walk to downtown, so you can get the most from your Summer Session classes, internship or summer job while enjoying the relaxed summer pace of Corvallis.

During summer 2023, on-campus residents will live in Halsell or ILLC. Dining services for most of the summer will be nearby at Arnold Dining Center, where you’ll find fresh, made-to-order foods. When not at Arnold, dining services will be at Marketplace West.

We’ve structured our summer housing and dining contract with flexibility in mind, so you can plan your stay for the amount of time you need to be on campus. Living on campus also means the ease of a single bill for room and board, including amenities such as high-speed internet and on-site laundry.

The summer 2023 housing application will open April 25 at 2 p.m. Apply through our housing application portal.


Summer Housing Schedule

For summer 2023, current OSU students can tailor the length of their stay on campus, choosing from move-in and move-out dates that coincide with OSU's Summer Session academic schedule.

Summer 2023 move-in and move-out dates:

Move-in Move-out
June 17, 2023 (current students) Sept. 8, 2023
June 25, 2023 (new students) Sept. 8, 2023
Have another timeframe in mind? Please contact our office to discuss options.

Need to be on campus for just a few days?

You may be eligible to live in on-campus scholar housing.

Currently an on-campus resident?

You may be eligible to move directly from your spring term residence hall room to your summer room (your bill will reflect the additional week of housing and dining).

Returning to live on campus in fall 2023?

You may be eligible to move directly from your summer term residence hall room to your fall term room (your bill will reflect the additional weeks of housing and dining).


General Information

  • Summer residents will live in Halsell or ILLC. Visit the pages for these residence halls for information on room types, bathrooms, and more.
  • Halsell and ILLC are close to Arnold Dining Center and Cascadia Market, the campus grocery market. The hall has a large common kitchen and lounge spaces on the first floor and is nearby parking.
  • Housing rates include high-speed internet, laundry and all utilities.
  • Accessible rooms are available. Please complete the Disability Accommodation Request via MyUHDS and submit online.
  • Regular summer housing dining service will be at Arnold Dining Center. Additional dining locations have limited hours during the summer; check for what's open.
  • The annual steam heat shutdown for campus will begin June 19, 2023, and may extend through June 23. On-campus residents will have limited options available for hot water during the shutdown. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • If you receive services from INTO OSU, please contact their office regarding summer session housing requirements.


Contract Information

A dining plan is required for all on-campus residents. Housing and dining will be billed at a weekly rate.

Summer housing is available until Sept. 8, 2023.


Summer Room and Board Prices

During Summer Session, students must select a four-week minimum stay. Dining plans ($85 per week) are required for all on-campus residents. Students are also charged a $50 non-refundable application fee when the summer billing is posted in June.

Item 4-Week Rate 8-Week Rate 12-Week Rate
Halsell Triple Shared


$1,680 $2,520
Halsell Double Shared $1,176 $2,352 $3,528
Halsell Single Shared


$2,576 $3,864
Halsell Large Single Shared $1,400 $2,800 $4,200
Meal Plan $340 $680 $1,020



For more information on academic offerings available with OSU Summer Session, see the Summer Session website.