UHDS has several meeting spaces in many of our facilities to meet your department or group's needs. These spaces may only be reserved by OSU students, faculty, staff or conference groups that are contracted through UHDS or OSU Conference Services.

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation at any of the below locations please send an e-mail or call the contact individual for that space. All of the spaces below have wireless internet access available. Please submit the information below when making a reservation:

  1. Name of the space being requested
  2. Date of the event or meeting
  3. Event Start Time (when people will be arriving)
  4. Event End Time (when people will leave)
  5. Number of people at this event.
  6. Event Name
  7. Event Type (Ex: Meeting, Social Event, Conference)
  8. Student Organization/Department Name
    Please note: Advisors cannot request space for Student Organizations.
  9. Contact for the event: Name, address, phone and email
  10. Payment Type: OSU Index, Purchase Request, Cash/Check
  11. Setup Type (Ex: Classroom, Theater, U-Shape)
  12. Will Catering be ordered?
  13. Will food be purchased at the dining restaurants?
  14. Will Audio-Visual equipment be used?

Marketplace West Dining Center

Contact: Arwen Douglas – arwen.douglas@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-2100

Space Max Capacity White Board A/V Screen OSU Non-OSU 
Northwest Conference Room 30-50 depending on room configuration No No No $100 $150

McNary Dining Center

Contact: David Wilber – david.wilber@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-1004

Space Max Capacity White Board A/V Screen OSU Non-OSU
Timberline Room 24 Yes No No $50 $75
Meadowlark Room 16 Yes No No $50 $75


Contact: Dave Warneking – dave.warneking@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-5622

Space Max Capacity White Board A/V Screen OSU Non-OSU
Trysting Tree Conference Room 22 No No Yes $100 $100
5th Floor Tower Conference Room 16 Yes No Yes $50 $50