See a full list of furniture by building

Room size & furnishings

  • Our residence halls have standard double rooms of 12'x15' (Bloss, 12'x18' & Sackett, 15'x17')
  • Extra-long (36"x80") beds & mattresses in all residence halls
  • All rooms include beds, desks, desk chairs, and closets or wardrobes; furniture style may vary slightly from hall to hall. View a complete list of furniture in your residence hall room.
  • Loft kits by request in some halls
  • Hard floor coverings in most halls
  • Walls off-white or pastel colors
  • Rooms come with vertical blinds on windows
  • Small trash cans and recycle bins are provided

Laundry facilities

  • One laundry room is available in every hall.
  • Laundry is free to students. No coins or are cards required.
  • Students must provide their own detergent and other laundry supplies.
  • Liquid detergent is preferred. Laundry pods need to be placed in the washer itself.

Internet Access

  • Wired connections for high-speed Internet access in each room
  • Campus-wide wireless access
  • Quick and easy access to email, the Internet, and ONID file storage
  • Free walk-in & phone support in Milne 201
  • Printing available at multiple campus locations including all three service centers via BeaverPrint
  • Learn more about campus internet connections

TV & Streaming Entertainment

  • Beaver Movie Streaming - Streaming movie service for on-campus residents
  • Pac-12 Network Streaming - On-campus residents have exclusive access to the Pac-12 Network
  • Xfinity IPTV Service - On-campus residents can stream live TV and OnDemand to thier computer and mobile devices with Xfinity On Campus
  • High Definition TV in a lounge on every floor or wing
  • Cable TV in hall lounges



  • Some small appliances permitted including small refrigerators
  • Many appliances and other items are prohibited or must be have restricted use
  • No cooking in student rooms (permitted only in kitchenettes)

Kitchen Facilities and Equipment

  • Each residence hall has a community kitchen that is available for shared use by residents.
  • West, Hawley, Buxton, Poling, Sackett, Weatherford, Callahan, IILC, Halsell, Finley and Tebeau halls have larger and/or multiple kitchen facilities and are ideal for residents who will be doing some of their own cooking.
  • Each floor in every residence hall has a community microwave.
  • Each residence hall has equipment available for checkout during front desk hours: 8pm-12am on Sundays-Thursdays and 8pm-2am on Fridays-Saturdays.


  • All residence halls include gender-inclusive restrooms as well as men's and women's restrooms. Learn more about gender-inclusive restrooms.
  • Many residence halls offer community bathrooms, which are shared with other residents on the floor. Learn more and see halls that offer community bathrooms.
  • Some residence halls offer semi-private bathrooms, which are shared only with other residents of a single suite. Learn more and see halls that offer semi-private bathrooms.
  • Some residence halls offer single-user bathrooms on certain floors. These are shared with all residents of the hall but are used by only one person at a time. Learn more and see halls that offer single-user bathrooms.
  • The International Living-Learning Center offers a small number of single rooms with private bathrooms that are not shared with other residents.

Residence Hall Staff

  • Live-in residential life staff provides personal and academic assistance and support
  • Resident Director (RD) in each building
  • Resident Assistant (RA) on each floor or wing
  • Executive Council members (student elected positions)
  • View additional in-hall/house roles of staff and support