See a full list of furniture by building

Room size & furnishings
  • Our residence halls have standard double rooms of 12'x15' (Bloss, 12'x18' & Sackett, 15'x17')
  • Extra-long (36"x80") beds & mattresses in all residence halls
  • All rooms include beds, desks, desk chairs, and closets or wardrobes; furniture style may vary slightly from hall to hall. View a complete list of furniture in your residence hall room.
  • Loft kits by request
  • Hard floor coverings in most halls
  • Rooms come with vertical blinds on windows
  • Small trash cans and recycle bins are provided

Laundry facilities
  • One laundry room is available in every hall.
  • Laundry is free to students. No coins or are cards required.
  • Students must provide their own detergent and other laundry supplies.
  • Liquid detergent is preferred. Laundry pods need to be placed in the washer itself.

Internet Access
  • Wired connections for high-speed Internet access in each room
  • Campus-wide wireless access
  • Quick and easy access to email, the Internet, and ONID file storage
  • Free walk-in & phone support in Milne 201
  • Printing available at multiple campus locations including all three service centers via BeaverPrint
  • Learn more about campus internet connections

TV & Streaming Entertainment
  • Beaver Movie Streaming - Streaming movie service for on-campus residents
  • Pac-12 Network Streaming - On-campus residents have exclusive access to the Pac-12 Network
  • Xfinity IPTV Service - On-campus residents can stream live TV and OnDemand to their computer and mobile devices with Xfinity On Campus
  • High Definition TV in a lounge on every floor or wing


  • Some small appliances permitted including small refrigerators
  • Many appliances and other items are prohibited or must be have restricted use
  • No cooking in student rooms (permitted only in kitchenettes)
  • microwave/refrigerator combination units are provided free of charge in each Economy Triple room, in the common area of each Tebeau Hall suite, and in each bedroom of Halsell Hall suites.

Kitchen Facilities and Equipment
  • Each residence hall has a community kitchen that is available for shared use by residents.
  • The following residence halls have larger and/or multiple kitchen facilities and are ideal for residents who will be doing some of their own cooking.
    • West side: West, Hawley, Buxton, Poling, Sackett and Weatherford.
    • East side: Callahan and Tebeau
    • South side: ILLC, Halsell and Finley.
  • Each floor in every residence hall has a community microwave.
  • Each residence hall has equipment available for checkout during front desk hours: 8pm-12am on Sundays-Thursdays and 8pm-2am on Fridays-Saturdays.

  • All residence halls include gender-inclusive restrooms as well as men's and women's restrooms. 
  • Many residence halls offer community bathrooms, which are shared with other residents on the floor.
  • Some residence halls offer semi-private bathrooms, which are shared only with other residents of a single suite.
    • Shower curtains are provided for in-suite bathrooms.
  • Some residence halls offer single-user bathrooms on certain floors.
  • The International Living-Learning Center offers a small number of single rooms with private bathrooms that are not shared with other residents.

Residence Hall Staff
  • Live-in residential life staff provides personal and academic assistance and support
  • Resident Director (RD) in each building
  • Resident Assistant (RA) on each floor or wing
  • Executive Council members (student elected positions)
  • View additional in-hall/house roles of staff and support