Housing during breaks in the academic year

All OSU residence halls will remain open during all breaks. Break housing is included in all UHDS room and board rates.

Students must sign up for break housing so that our Residential Education and Public Safety staff are aware of who will be in the building and we will be able to best serve students over the break with the appropriate custodial levels in the bathrooms.

All residents can leave their belongings in their rooms during break periods as long as their UHDS Contract is current.

  • If you are leaving campus for break, please complete all steps in our break checklist before you go.


Thanksgiving and Winter Break 2020


Due to COVID-19, Oregon State will deliver the final two weeks of fall term 2020 remotely, and all final exams will be remote. Students living on campus can choose whether they will depart for campus at the Thanksgiving holiday, depart at the end of Finals Week, or stay on campus throughout Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

Log in to MyUHDS by Nov. 15 and choose from three options:

  • leaving at Thanksgiving, and not returning until winter term (your building access will be turned off if you choose this option, and you will receive a credit on your account for the final two weeks of housing this term)
  • staying through Finals Week, then leaving for winter break (your building access will not be turned off, and no credit will be issued)
  • staying on campus for winter break (no credit will be issued, and there's no extra charge for this option)

If students do not complete the intent form, UHDS will default the response to "Leaving at the end of fall term," as listed in option 2 above.  

How to access the  2020 Thanksgiving and Winter Break Intent form:

  1. Login to MyUHDS and select "Active Housing Applications." 
  2. On the left side of the page, find "Applications" and select it. 
  3. Select "Thanksgiving and Winter Break Intent." 
  4. Complete "Thanksgiving and Winter Break Intent" until you reach the confirmation screen that your intent has been submitted. 

To make changes to your intent form, follow steps 1 and 2 above then: 

  1. In the drop down, select "Revisit/Update This Application."
  2. Press "Submit." 
  3. Complete "Thanksgiving and Winter Break Intent" until you reach the confirmation screen that your intent has been submitted. 

If your plans for Winter Break change after Sunday, November 15, 2020, you must inform UHDS in writing at Housing@oregonstate.edu from your ONID account and our staff will update your information. 


Dining during breaks

Dining locations remain open on campus during break periods, though some locations may close and schedules may vary from hours during the academic term. There is no extra dining plan option for break periods.

Students scheduled to stay over breaks may use their regular term dining plan if money is still on it, or are encouraged to use and add to the money on their Orange Cash accounts. The next term’s dining plan dollars will not be available for use until the end of the break.