Understanding your housing application and contract

As you navigate applying for housing at Oregon State University, we have information to assist you through the process.

Watch our step-by-step video guides, and read the tips below.

Your Guide to Part 2 of the 2024-25 Housing Application to OSU






The housing application is a multi-part process
  • Part one of your housing application covers demographic and contact information along with housing preferences.
  • Part two of your application involves signing your contract and selecting a dining plan.
  • Part three of your application involves finding roommates once you have completed parts one and two. 

Review the details here.


Log in to the housing portal

Students can apply for housing via the housing portal. In order to log in, you must first set up your Oregon State University ONID e-mail and use your ONID username and password to access the portal.



No financial commitment until you are assigned a room

We do not require a deposit or fee to apply for housing. We do this in an effort to make the process easy and accessible for all students. The first charge for housing will be a $50 non-refundable housing contract fee that will be assessed when you select or are assigned a room. For fall students, this $50 charge will be assessed in conjunction with fall term housing charges and will appear on your university bill.


Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) and Special Interest Communities (SICs) can help build connections

As you complete part one of the housing application, please look over our list of Living-Learning Communities and Special Interest Communities, and think about what will be the best home for you. These communities are designed around shared academic areas, common interests, and personal identities, and can help you build social and academic connections at OSU. Please be aware that some communities have eligibility requirements, so be sure that you are eligible for a community before you select it on your housing application.


Dining plans are required

In part two of the housing application process, you will be required to select one of our dining plan options. Don’t worry too much about making the best selection as we know that eating patterns and needs change as you navigate living on campus. Students can change to a larger plan at any time, and can change to a smaller plan for the first three weeks of each term. We recommend students start with Plan 2, then keep an eye on their spending patterns and adjust their plan during the year if needed.



There is a live-on requirement for first-year students

As part of a comprehensive First Year Experience program, the university requires first-year students to live on campus their first year at OSU. To learn more about this requirement, review OSU's First-Year Experience page.


You can return to your application to make updates

Change your mind about your living preferences? Want to revise your answer to a question? You can submit your application and then return to it at any time until the close of the roommate matching period. Returning to your application to make updates will not change your application completion date (the date you submitted part one), or change your priority date for room assignment.



Accommodations for disabilities

If you have a documented disability and would like to request an accommodation as part of the housing assignment process, please complete a Disability Accommodation Request. Housing staff will work in conjunction with Disability Access Services staff to provide a reasonable accommodation based on the individual needs of a student.



You must sign a contract before being assigned a room

Please read over the terms and conditions carefully before you sign this legal document. See our important dates page for more information regarding when you are eligible for a room assignment based on the term for which you are applying.

Make sure you understand the contract before you sign it.



Complete this application and contract yourself

We understand that parents are actively involved in the college selection process for many students, but this application and contract are for you, not your parents. This is about your experience on campus: where you want to live, who you want to live with, how you’re going to eat, etc. We encourage you to get input from family about this process but remember this is your contract and your experience. (If you are younger than 18 when signing your contract, you will also need a signature from your parent or legal guardian.)