Oregon State University students have three options for changing their on-campus housing assignment.

Room changes, swaps and buyouts will be available each term from weeks 2 through 9 in fall and winter term, and from weeks 2-6 in spring term, provided there are available spaces for students to move into.

Room Changes

  • Room changes are done based on availability
  • Room changes are done on first-come-first serve basis
  • Room change requests are term-by-term
  • If you have requested a room change and we cannot accommodate it before the end of the term, your request will be deleted and you will need to submit a new request at the beginning of the next term.
  • Spring term room changes are only available through Week 6


Steps to a room change:

1. Meet with your Resident Director (RD)
  • Your hall staff will want to know if there are specific reasons you would like to move that should be addressed within the community.
  • If your request to change rooms is approved, your RD will submit the online request to be processed by the UHDS Assignments staff.
  • If you wish to change your preferences regarding the room change, you may meet with your RD and they can edit your preferences.
2. Receive a room change offer
  • If we have a space available based on the preferences you have indicated, you will receive an email offering you the space on Tuesday. Please note that the offer date might change or be canceled if there is a campus closure or if it is a holiday week (for example: Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr, and Memorial Day).
Accept or decline the offer:
  • You have until noon on Thursday to accept or decline the space. Not responding in the allotted time will be the equivalent of declining the offer.
  • Declined offers (including no responses) will result in the request being deleted from the system.
3. Complete the room changes
Pick up new keys:
  • If you choose to accept the new space, you will be able to pick up keys for your new space on Friday after 1 p.m. at the Service Center for the hall to which you are moving.
Move your belongings:
  • Once you have picked up your new room key, you have until 5 p.m. on Sunday to complete your room change. Room changes are not complete until keys for your previous room have been returned to the appropriate Service Center.
Clean your space:
Turn in your old keys:
  • Room changes not complete by Sunday at 5 p.m. are subject to an Improper Move Out Fee of $50.00 and a potential for a rekey charge. Should you continue to occupy two rooms beyond that time, you may also be subject to additional fees up to $250.00 and/or be charged for both rooms.

Typical timeline for room changes

  • Week 1: Submit room changes requests to RDs
  • Week 2: First set of offers sent out (based on availability)
  • Week 9: Last set of offers sent out
  • Week 10: All remaining request will be deleted from the system


Room Swaps

The room swap option is ideal for students who would like to swap spaces with another student in their same hall. Room swaps follow the same process as room changes, except for these things:

  1. All students in both rooms need to agree to the swap
  2. There is no need to go to the service center to pick up keys
  3. All students who are swapping must meet with the Resident Director to show that keys have been swapped and the Resident Director will ask for the assignment change in the housing management system.


Room Buyout

If there is a vacant space in a room due to a roommate who transferred, withdrew, or otherwise left their on-campus living space, the remaining roommate(s) may request the option to buy out the additional room space, based upon availability and occupancy needs. In the event that a room buyout is approved, no additional roommate would be assigned to the vacant space, and the extra space and furniture in the room is available for use by the remaining roommate(s). No furniture is removed in the event of a buyout.

For example, a student assigned to a double-occupancy room could request to buy out the vacant space to spend the rest of the year living in a single, and roommates assigned to a triple-occupancy room could request to buy out the vacant space to spend the rest of the year living in a double, as long as both residents mutually agree to the buyout.

An increased room rate will apply to students who buy out vacant space; the rate is typically about 1.5 times the amount of the current room rate. For example, a student assigned to a double who buys out the vacant space, would pay 1.5 times the amount of the current double room rate. When two students in a triple-occupancy room buy out vacant space, both residents pay the increased room rate.

Student with a vacant space in their room who would like to request the option of buying out the remaining space should contact University Housing & Dining Services for information about the process and rates. Room buyouts are only available when a vacancy has occurred and are subject to current availability and occupancy needs.