Spring term 2020 room changes

Social Distancing Room Changes

In accordance with OSU’s commitment to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, as well as comply with Gov. Kate Brown’s executive orders related to on-campus social distancing, all UHDS residence halls will be shifting to offer only rooms that have a single occupant for spring term 2020.

  • Students who currently have roommates will be asked to volunteer to move to a different room to achieve state and OSU social distancing requirements.
  • See below for the steps to join the Social Distance Room Change waitlist.
Other Room Changes

All social distancing room changes must be completed before room changes for other reasons will be available during spring term 2020.

  • If availability exists after social distancing room changes have been completed, University Housing & Dining Services will work with students on a case-by-case basis for room changes for other reasons.
  • Students who are interested in inquiring about room changes for other reasons during spring 2020 should meet with their resident director. Find your resident director's contact information by searching for the name of your residence hall in our staff directory.
Steps to access the Social Distance Room Change waitlist
  1. Log in to MyUHDS and select "Active Housing Applications."
  2. At the top of the page, find "More Tasks."
  3. Select "Waitlists."
  4. Select "spring 2020" for the term and press "Submit." Please note it is important to select spring 2020 as the term or your request may not be received.
  5. Under "Add to Waiting List," make sure that "Social Distance Room Change" is selected.
  6. Add Information: In the comments section, provide any information relevant to your request and include your hall and room number. Please note that this information is helpful to our staff, but changes will be based on space available, and this is a not a guarantee of any particular room type or building.
  7. Press "Submit."