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Arriving at Oregon State


Fall Term 2021 Move-In

Updated April 23, 2021

Move-in for fall term 2021 will be a multi-day process. Students will receive an assigned move-in date and time based on their hall assignment. We will add more details to this page throughout spring and summer 2021.

  • Sunday September 19 - New Students Day One
    • Weatherford
    • Poling
    • West
    • Sackett
    • Callahan
    • McNary
    • Finley
    • ILLC
  •  Monday September 20 - New Students Day Two |Transfer Students
    • Hawley and Buxton, floors 2-5
    • Cauthorn
    • Wilson
    • Tebeau, floor 1
    • Halsell, floor 1
  •   Tuesday September 21 - Second-Year and Above Students
    • Hawley and Buxton, floor 1
    • Tebeau , floors 2-5
    • Halsell, floors 2-4
    • Sackett Hall, B Wing




Spring, and Summer Term arrivals

If you are moving to campus mid-year or during an academic term other than fall term, check MyUHDS for your room assignment info. When you arrive on campus, please go to the Service Center that works with the building you will be living in. Service Center staff will provide you with your room key and direct you to your building. Contact the UHDS administrative office with any questions.



International Student Arrivals

If you are an international student admitted through the INTO OSU program, contact INTO OSU for arrival dates and info. Read more information for International Students.



Parking & Traffic Flow

For Fall 2021, all move-in traffic will flow through the Reser Stadium parking lot during our three-day move-in process.

Traffic patterns may vary from typical Corvallis traffic. Please follow all driving instructions we send directing you to Reser Stadium, and do not rely upon GPS or other navigation tools.

Each student will receive one vehicle unloading zone pass to use during move-in. This pass should be displayed on their vehicle during their move-in time slot.


Getting Ready

Check your arrival time

Before you plan your move, check MyUHDS for your arrival date and time. Your specific arrival date and time slot will be posted to MyUHDS later in the summer. Additional instructions will be in the 2021 Fall Term Move-In Guide mailed to your home address in the summer.

Reserve a loft kit

If you would like to rent a loft kit, please sign up via your MyUHDS account. The charge for a loft kit will be billed to your student account in fall term. For more information on loft kit reservations, please view the loft kit page.

Send mail and packages ahead

You can find your mailing address and mailbox information online via your MyUHDS account, beginning in early September. Remember that your mailbox number is different than your room number.

Don't want to pack everything with you on move-in day? You can send packages or mail to your residence hall address. For fall term arrivals, you can begin shipping items ahead after mailboxes are assigned in early September. The Service Center will hold your mail and packages until the end of the first week of fall term.

Sign up for Personal Property (Renters) Insurance

UHDS recommends purchasing Personal Property or Renters Insurance either through your family’s existing account, or through one of many insurance agencies.

Plan your transportation

With easy access to grocery stores, restaurants and other destinations within walking distance from campus, many students find bringing a car is not necessary. For destinations further from campus, students ride bicycles, take the Corvallis Transit System (CTS) for free, or rent a ZipCar.

If you need to bring a car, secure a parking permit before bringing a vehicle. Parking permits are required year-round on the OSU Corvallis campus. On-campus residents are only eligible for R parking permits, which can sell out. More information about purchasing a residential parking permit can be found on the Transportation Services website.

Connect with us

Want to start getting connected to your new community? Follow the Instagram account for your side of campus.

@eastsidebeavs is devoted to life in Callahan, Dixon Lodge, McNary, Tebeau and Wilson.

@southsidebeavs is devoted to life in Bloss, Finley, Halsell and the ILLC.

@westsidebeavs is devoted to life in Buxton, Cauthorn, Hawley, Poling, Sackett, Weatherford and West.

@dlabeavs is an account where you can learn about diversity and social justice-focused events, facts, and issues in your residence hall community.

There's also a way for students to connect with their new hall-mates before your move-in day. We've created private groups for each residence hall within My College Roomie, the same system many students used earlier in the year to meet potential roommates. Students may use My College Roomie to connect with fellow campus residents beginning Monday, August 10, 2020. UHDS staff will also be available in My College Roomie to answer questions about living on campus.




Check the list of what to bring and leave behind

What to bring


Make Your Move: Instructions for move-in day



Download the Fall 2020 Move-in Guide

What to do when you get here

Updated September 2, 2020

1. Only two additional people will be allowed to come with you during the move-in process.

To adhere to state guidelines regarding group gatherings, we must limit the number of people who can be at each building during move-in. Therefore, each student will be allowed a maximum of two people to assist with moving in. All individuals -- including those arriving to help campus residents move in, must wear a face covering while they are in public areas on campus, including residence hall spaces such as lounges, hallways and community bathrooms. Also, be mindful of physical distancing from others who are not in your immediate household.

2. Arrive at the Reser Stadium parking lot  as much as one hour before your scheduled move-in period to begin your required COVID-19 testing.

When you enter the Reser Stadium parking lot, please stay in your car. Staff will direct you to the appropriate line for COVID-19 testing.

3. Complete an on-site COVID-19 test administered by Student Health Services.

Please provide an accurate phone number to SHS workers in order for them to notify you of your results. A waiting area parking lot will be available while your test is processed.

4. Receive your results and enter the queue for your building.

Students who receive a negative test result from Student Health Services may re-enter the Reser Stadium parking lot from the 30th Street entrance. Staff will direct you to the appropriate line for your building.

5. Pick up your room key, unloading zone pass, and OSU ID card from Housing Operations staff.

You'll pick up keys from UHDS staff at the Reser Stadium parking lot. Please place the unloading zone pass in a visible spot on the front dash of your vehicle.

6. Follow an escort car from Reser to your building.

When an unloading spot at the building you are moving into becomes available, an escort car will guide you to the unloading zone for your building.

7. Unload your belongings.

When you arrive at your building, you will have 45 minutes to unload and move your belongings to your room. After you unload, please move your car from the unloading zone. After your 45-minute unloading time, you and your guests are welcome to spend time together elsewhere on campus outside of your residence hall.

8. Fill out a room condition report on MyUHDS within 24 hours.

Noting the condition of your room will help us know the state of your room as you entered it when you moved in, and will reduce any confusion if a damage charge is assessed when you move out of the space.

Once You're Here: Getting familiar with Beaver Nation

Download the OSU Mobile App

Get familiar with the OSU Mobile App, which is full of tools you'll use every day, from a self-screening checklist for COVID-19 symptoms, to current open hours of campus food locations, to a mobile-friendly campus map and links to your classes and grades.

Learn about residence hall safety and community expectations

Look for emailed information about your mandatory floor meeting, where you'll meet your RA, other residents on your floor, learn hall-specific information, and can ask questions about life on campus. You'll also receive an email about safety and community expectations in your residence hall. It is mandatory that you read and understand the information about fire evacuation, residence hall policies, and safety on campus.



Understand the residence hall guest policy

For 2020, guests who do not reside in your residence hall will not be permitted beyond your first floor lounge/ lobby. You can have guests, like your family members or friends, visit OSU and your building, but they will not be permitted into the residential space. The only exception for guests on residential floors is during the initial fall move-in process.


Experience Welcome Week

Welcome Week is your chance to connect to community and learn what it means to be a part of Beaver Nation. Welcome Week for fall 2020 will take place the week of Sept. 20; check the campus Welcome Week page for details and start planning your first week on campus now.


Learn more about campus life

You're here...now what? Check out our Campus Living 101 online guide, with answers to common questions about your room, your dining plan, and more.

Early/Late Arrivals

Arriving outside of Move-In Day

If you arrive on campus after 5 p.m. Sept. 22, 2020, do not go to your hall or your Service Center until you have been tested for COVID-19 at Student Health Services.

All students must get a COVID-19 test from Student Health Services when they arrive on campus. You must receive negative test results before you can move in to your hall.

You can find your results by logging into MyUHDS and viewing your check-in status.

Student Health Services is open for testing from 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Please go to the lab entrance at the back of the Student Health Center in the Plageman Building for self-administered testing. When you arrive, state that you were instructed by UHDS to receive pre-move-in COVID testing.

If you arrive outside of Student Health Services hours, you must wait until the next day to return to campus for pre-move-in COVID testing.

After you have received negative test results, you are cleared for move-in, and may check in at your Service Center.

Service Centers are open until 8 p.m.

  • Residents of Callahan, Dixon Lodge, McNary, Tebeau and Wilson halls can check in at McNary Service Center (541-713-5114).
  • Residents of Buxton, Cauthorn, Hawley, Poling, Sackett, Weatherford and West Halls can check in at West Service Center (541-713-5115).
  • Residents of Bloss, Finley, Halsell, and the International Living-Learning Center can check in at Arnold Service Center (541-737-0681).
Early arrival eligibility

To be eligible for early arrival you must be part of a pre-arranged group (such as Marching Band, ROTC, or pre-college programs).  If you’re unsure whether you are approved for early arrival you must speak to your program coordinator.

Graduate students who are attending Grad Welcome Week can move in Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020. To confirm your need to arrive early, please email University Housing & Dining Services.

Individual early arrivals will not be accepted. For more information, please contact UHDS.


Arriving after 5 p.m.

Students arriving between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on their move-in date must check in at their Service Center. If it is after 8 p.m., check in with the on-duty Resident Assistant (RA) in your assigned building. The RA on duty can be reached by calling the cell phone number that is posted on the residence hall doors.


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