Dietary needs

Have special dietary needs?  We cater to many different eating needs and styles.  All foods on our menus are labeled with commonly-requested special dietary needs and common allergens. With our online menus, you can filter items based on your dietary preferences. Ever have a question about what's in your food? Ask at any location to speak with a staff member who has been allergen-trained!

Meet with our nutrition team

Do you have questions about nutrition? Do you have special dietary needs? Visit the housing portal and fill out a dietary needs request for assistance with special dietary considerations including food allergies, nutrition education and dietary accommodations. Additionally, nutrition counseling services are available with OSU Student Health Services.

Find nutrition, ingredient and allergy information

All foods on our menu are labeled with commonly-requested special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free friendly, and halal). Additionally, we label for common allergens in our online menus and in-person at our dining centers. Browse our online menus and filter for allergens or dietary preferences.

Allergy Guidelines

University Housing & Dining Services labels the meals we serve for eight common food allergens.

To help students with food allergies and special dietary considerations, the University has established guidelines to help students with the resources they need to navigate on campus.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Disclaimer

 UHDS is committed to identifying ingredients that may cause reactions for those with food allergies and intolerances and trains employees on safe handling procedures to minimize risk; however, because foods are prepared in a commercial kitchen, there is always some risk of cross contact of allergens and gluten.

Consumers should also be aware of the risk that manufacturers of the commercial foods OSU uses may change the formulation of ingredients or substitute other ingredients at any time, without notice.

Make Cents meals

All UHDS dining centers serve Make Cents meals designed to help you budget your money as well as provide your body with healthy, great-tasting food. All Make Cents plates are based off of healthy grains, and include a fruit or vegetable and a protein. For 2021-22, all Make Cents meals are priced at $4.95 or less. Residents using their meal plan receive an additional 20 percent discount.

Immunity Boost

New for 2020! Look for the Immunity Boost icons on menus at all UHDS restaurants beginning in fall 2020. Immunity Boost foods are foods that contain antioxidants and phytochemicals known to boost the immune system.


Sustainability Practices

University Housing & Dining Services is committed to sustainable food sourcing and offers a growing number of locally grown and produced food as well as organic options.

Halal-friendly foods

To meet the religious dietary needs of those practicing a halal diet, UHDS labels halal friendly foods with this halal icon. In collaboration with the Muslim Student Association and the Ettihad Cultural Community, UHDS established these guidelines for halal labeling:

  • The food does not contain pork or alcohol containing ingredients.
    • If foods contain vinegars that are derived from alcohol (such as red wine vinegar) or other alcohol-containing ingredients (such as extracts) they will not have the halal icon.
  • Meat products such as beef, lamb or chicken are labeled halal only when certified halal due to meeting proper slaughter and prayer standards. Halal certification is available at those locations serving halal meat. All seafood is considered halal.
  • While we do not have a designated facility to prepare halal foods, we handle meats so they do not come into contact with non-halal meat, pork or alcohol.
  • Deep fried items will be labeled halal if they are fried in a halal-dedicated fryer.
  • Click to view lamb certification, beef certification, and chicken certification.

To view halal options, click on any of our menus and select the diet preference halal icon.



If you have suggestions for recipes or menu items that you believe would enhance our efforts to provide a balance of choices please let us know.


Outside Resources

Students interested in nutrition can learn more at via these organizations, which are not created by or affiliated with University Housing & Dining Services.