Meet Your RHA Executive Officers!


There are six RHA Executive Officers (Exec's) elected each year to serve in the the roles of President, Administration and Finance Officer (AFO), National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Social Justice Activities Coordinator (SJAC), Leadership Development Activities Coordinator (LDAC), and the Media and Social Activities Coordinator (MSAC) - we really love our acronyms by the way. These officers are compensated with room and board, and work the following year to maintain and improve the organization by being the first line of Communication to UHDS Administration, supporting the Area Councils, and hosting events for residents.


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Carolyn Pearce (she/they)

Hello! My name is Carolyn, my pronouns are She/They, and I'm a biology major with a pre veterinary option and a minor in chemistry. This is my fourth year at OSU and also my fourth year living on campus (I used to be an RA).  

In my position as President of RHA I get to support the other executive officers and area councils in all of their activities and duties across campus. I serve as the chair for general assembly meetings and act as a liaison between RHA, UHDS, other organizations and students! I am passionate about building community, creating fun events and advocating for student needs.

A bit about me outside of school, I am from Scholls, OR where my family has a small farm, my favorite animals are goats and I enjoy backpacking with family and friends with most of my spare time!

Will Garrison (he/him)

Administration and Finance Officer

Hey all, my name is Will Garrison and I'm currently serving as the Administration and Financial Officer for RHA. My duties include creating budgets and keeping track of expenses for the group; keeping our documents clean and organized, and acting as the representative when it comes to organizational documents or financial matters.

I am a second year computer science major, and I also serve officer positions at a few other organizations around campus: the Karate Club, the General Engineering Club, the Video Game Development Club, and the Linux Users Group. In my copious amounts of spare time, I like to tinker with software, or go outside and ride my bike, go for a hike, play ultimate frisbee, and badminton.

Nathan Schmidt (he/him)

National Communications Coordinator 

Howdy! I’m Nathan Schmidt, the National Communications Coordinator (NCC) for Oregon State University through the Residence Hall Association. I’m in charge of organizing an OSU delegation to our Local, Regional, and National Residence Hall association conferences. I also serve as the Executive Chair of the South Side Area Council here on campus.

I’m a Pre-Law major here at Oregon State and really enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

Jenna Cook (she/her)

Media and Social Activities Coordinator

Hello! My name is Jenna Cook and I am the Media and Social Activities Coordinator of RHA. My job is to plan campus wide events, coordinate RHA marketing, and train the marketing officers of Area Council. Outside of RHA I am a second year computer science student who enjoys reading and crocheting.

Thea Davidson (she/her)
Social Justice Activities Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Thea Davidson and I use she/her pronouns. I am the social justice activities coordinator (SJAC) for RHA! I plan social justice programs for residents, as well as preside over the east side area council.

I’m from Pacifica, California and love swimming, crafts, and reading. I can usually be found with my friends or in a cool spot to do my homework in. (There’s a lot of hidden gems!) I am very excited for this school year, and I hope to see you soon! :)

Cassidy Ochoa (she/her)
Leadership Development Activities Coordinator

My name is Cassidy Ochoa, and I am your Leadership and Development Activities Coordinator, or LDAC for short! I’m a big fan of writing, animation, insects, and tea, and I what I value most is initiating the change I want to see in the world!


The advisors support RHA and the Area Councils. In addition to their daily jobs within UHDS, they support our work for you!

Christopher Hughbanks 
Supervisor for Student Leadership

I serve as the Supervisor for Student Leadership. I oversee student involvement, programming, and social engagement in our residential facilities. This includes serving as an advisor for our area councils, NRHH and RHA along with the implementation and assessment of our residential curricular initiatives. I’m from the great state of Michigan and love a great book, great movie, great tv show, and great lake! 

Danielle Terrell 

RHA/ Area Council Advisor

I serve as the Area Director of Engagement. I advise the RHA and NRHH and oversee the Area Council Program which provides campus wide events and leadership opportunities for residents! I grew up in Washington State and truly love all things PNW; coffee, rain, and hikes! I enjoy singing, video games, and learning new things!