Meet Your RHA Executive Officers!


There are six RHA Executive Officers (Exec's) elected each year to serve in the the roles of President, Administration and Finance Officer (AFO), National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Social Justice Activities Coordinator (SJAC), Leadership Development Activities Coordinator (LDAC), and the Media and Social Activities Coordinator (MSAC) - we really love our acronyms by the way. These officers are compensated with room and board, and work the following year to maintain and improve the organization by being the first line of Communication to UHDS Administration, supporting the Area Councils, and hosting events for residents.


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Zoey Knorr

Hiya! My name is Zoey Knorr and originally I am from Redmond Oregon.  

As President of the RHA it is my job and joy to support my fellow Executive Officers, and to be the face of our organization. My goals for this year include focusing more heavily on programming (as our students definitely deserve all the fun that can be had after the pandemic), allowing more room for input and voices from people all over campus, as well as increasing our cooperation with campus organizations in order to branch out and allow more folks to experience the joys that being apart of the OSU Community provides. 

My family has gone to OSU for generations and I am so happy and honored to continue that legacy as well as to work with the Residents Hall Association in maintaining the OSU Values of Inclusivity, Excellence, and Dam Good Programming! In my spare time I enjoy being a member of OSU's Dodgeball Club, reading fantasy novels (Vampire Literature in particular), musical theatre (both viewing and performing) and making new friends! 

I hope to see you around! 

Julian Tan

Administration and Finance Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Julian Tan (he/him/his), and I am the Administration and Finance Officer for the Residence Hall Association. As the AFO, I help manage the RHA budgets, and carry out administrative duties. I also aid the Area Council treasurers in managing their budgets by the means of a Budget Committee.  

Outside of the RHA, I am a Sophomore majoring in Psychology. In my free time, I enjoy reading, singing along to my favorite songs and hanging out with my friends! I’m also from a small country called Singapore. Hope to catch you all on campus! 

Breanna Marie Taguchi

Media and Social Activities Coordinator 

Hello everyone! I’m Breanna or Bre, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a sophomore majoring in Marketing in the College of Business. I was born and raised on the island of Maui in Hawai’i and decided to branch out and attend a college outside of Hawai’i.  

I’m super interested in graphic design, cinematography, photography, and video editing! I hope as your RHA MSAC to plan amazing events and activities throughout the school year! I hope to see you at some of our events! Mahalo! 


Leadership and Development Activities Coordinator

Hiii! My name is Catt, my pronouns are He/They, and I'm a bioengineering major in the college of CBEE. I transferred to OSU from a little ol community college in Southern Oregon: RCC, go Ospreys! (Just kidding, no one paid any attention to our mascot). My goal is to one day work in tissue-engineering and to help set myself up for success I decided to get involved in undergraduate research along with leadership opportunities like RHA! Some of my interests are; martial arts, photography, hiking, dungeons and dragons, coffee, and just anything that can be done with friends (I swear, even the most obscure activities sound fun to me with the right people)! I can't wait for this upcoming year and I hope to see you all soon! 

Rachel Salmon
National Communications Coordinator

Hey Froggie (and Beaver) friends! My name is Rachel Salmon and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am the National Communications Coordinator for RHA! I lead a group of passionate student leaders to PACURH and NACURH conferences and collaborate with other universities to improve campus life! I am a fourth year studying Biohealth Sciences with a Pre-pharmacy option and Chemistry minor! My favorite things to do are Ballroom and Country dance, Read, and participate in outdoor activities! 

Carter Godfrey
Social Justice Activities Coordinator

Hey y'all! My name is Carter Godfrey (he/him/his), and I am the Social Justice Activities Coordinator (SJAC) for the Residence Hall Association. As the SJAC, I plan events for residents that are centered on social justice, and I chair both the East Side Area Council and the Social Justice Committee. A little about me: This is my second year at OSU studying Chemical Engineering. I'm from Washington State, and in my free time I enjoy reading, writing, playing games, and spending time with my friends! Hope to see y'all around campus this year! 


The advisors support RHA and the Area Councils. In addition to their daily jobs within UHDS, they support our work for you!

Christopher Hughbanks 
RHA Advisor

I serve as the Assistant Director for Leadership and Community Development. I oversee student involvement,  programming, and social engagement in our residential facilities. This includes serving as the primary advisor for our area councils, NRHH and RHA along with the implementation and assessment of our residential curricular initiatives.  I’m from the great state of Michigan and love a great book, great movie, great tv show, and great lake! 

Danielle Terrell 

Area Council Advisor

My name is Danielle Terrell (she, her, hers) and I am a Resident Director. In my role, I oversee Sackett and West residence halls as well as advise the Area Councils on campus which provides student engagement and leadership opportunities for residents on campus! I’m from Washington State and truly love all things PNW! I enjoy singing, video games, and learning new things!