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Check below to see which type of on-campus housing support you're eligible for.


Housing support through INTO OSU

Students in the following categories receive housing support services through INTO OSU. If you are a student in any of these programs, visit the INTO OSU website or contact the INTO OSU Housing Coordinator with any housing-related questions.

  • First-year undergraduate with International Direct services
  • International Year One (Undergraduate Pathway)
  • Undergraduate Transfer Program
  • International Graduate students with Masters International Direct services
  • Graduate Pathway
  • Academic English
  • Study Abroad with English
  • Visiting International Student Program

Contact INTO OSU to apply for housing; learn more about housing options, pricing, or dining; and get answers to questions about your arrival and move-in dates.


Housing support through UHDS

Students in these categories receive housing support services from University Housing & Dining Services. If you are a student in any of these programs, contact UHDS with housing-related questions.

  • First-year international students without International Direct services
  • Exchange students
  • Student athletes
  • Second-year and above international undergraduate students
  • Direct transfer international students
  • Post-baccalaureate students
  • International graduate and PHD students without Master's International Direct services
  • Visiting international scholars, researchers, and interns

Continue on this page for information related to housing and dining services.

Students receiving support services from the INTO OSU Program should contact intl.housing@oregonstate.edu for all housing and dining questions.

First-year students

Oregon State University has implemented a First Year Experience (FYE) program to connect students with key campus resources, build community, and provide academic support and services designed to enhance student success, satisfaction, and retention.

As part of the First Year Experience program, Oregon State University requires full-time, first-year students to live on campus.

  • First-year students: students who are enrolling at Oregon State University within one year of their graduation from high school, who have not previously been regularly-enrolled students at another institution of higher education following high school graduation.

There are many options for on-campus housing for first-year students.

First-year students who receive support services through INTO OSU should contact the INTO OSU Housing and Arrivals Coordinator for information.


Transfer, Exchange & Graduate Students

Degree-seeking students who are beyond their first year in college and are transferring from another institution, on an exchange program, or doing graduate work, have the option to live on campus but are not required to do so. Learn more about on-campus housing for transfer & graduate students.



Applying for housing


Students can apply for housing at any time after they have been admitted to the university.

Students who apply after the priority deadline will still be eligible to live on campus, but they will be paired with a roommate by the housing assignments office.

Students who are receiving support services through INTO-OSU should contact the INTO OSU Housing and Arrivals Coordinator for questions related to their housing application.

Apply For HousingSet up your ONID email

Living on campus

Students are eligible to move into their on-campus accommodations one day prior to the start of International Student Orientation.

International appliances may not work in residence halls.  All residence space has standard North American outlets with 120 volts. An adaptor and/or converter may be needed for items (computer, hair dryer, etc.) purchased outside of the United States. To see a list of appliances that are allowed in the residence space, see the What to Bring page

Privacy on campus & spiritual space
Cancellation policy

 Students who are receiving support services through INTO-OSU should contact the INTO OSU Housing and Arrivals Coordinator for information about cancellation policies.

To cancel your housing contract after moving in, students will need to meet with the Resident Director to begin the cancellation process. Students who are receiving support services through INTO-OSU should contact the INTO OSU Housing and Arrivals Coordinator for information about cancellation policies. If the cancellation takes place after moving in, students will be responsible for the fee of the remaining Contract Term excluding unused Dining Dollars.

Exchange Students leaving at the end of the Fall or Winter term can cancel their contract without paying the cancellation fee by going through the cancellation process

If you are no longer going to attend the University, you will not be subject to fee associated with breaking the Contract.

View Contract


Dining Plans are required for all students who live on campus.  Description of dining plans can be found on the Dining Plan Options page

Students who are receiving support services from INTO OSU can contact INTO OSU for information about meal plans.

UHDS has many dining options throughout campus, including vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free, and Halal. For more information on specialty dining options, or to meet with our nutritionist to find dining options that meet your needs, visit the Nutrition page

UHDS Dining Plans also work in cafes in academic buildings, the Valley Library and Dixon Recreation Center. Visit Food @ OSU for current hours and locations.

Scholar Housing

Scholar housing is available to visiting scholars, researchers, and interns year-round through our residential conferences office.

For more information or to apply for Scholar Housing, visit the Scholar Housing


Graduate & Family Housing

Graduate & Family housing is available to OSU graduate students and students with families. Students interested in this housing option should be aware that the wait is generally between 16-24 months, depending on what type of apartment you are eligible for and your placement on the waiting list.

For more information or to apply for Family Housing visit our Family Housing page.


Student Conduct and Community Standards

All students are expected to follow the UHDS Community Standards policy. Language barrier or lack of knowledge of UHDS rules and regulations is not an acceptable excuse for breaking policy. Students will be held accountable for policy violations. View the UHDS Policy Guide.


Questions? We've got answers.

You can also reach our office via email. We are happy to answer your questions.

If you are a student receiving support services through the INTO OSU program, address your housing and dining questions to INTO housing via email.