What is a loft or bunk kit?

Many students like to maximize their usable space in student rooms by incorporating lofts or bunks for their beds. A loft is a bed that is raised so that a student may place their desk or other furniture underneath to maximize space. 

A bunk is when two beds are stacked on top of each other. Students can rent lofts or bunks from UHDS but may not build their own. Some rooms have beds that come with complimentary bunk or loft kits due to the room configuration.

Renting a loft or bunk kit

Beds in all UHDS residence halls can be lofted or bunked with UHDS rental kits. Requests are made online and can be ordered throughout the academic year.

Fall 2024 loft kit rentals will be available in July. The student must be assigned to a room in order to place the request. Based upon availability, all loft and bunk reservations confirmed by July 28, 2024, will be installed by UHDS staff and placed in the student's room before the school year begins.

Requests made after July 28, 2024, will be filled based upon equipment and staff availability.

  • Students are not allowed to build their own lofts.
  • Many halls also have adjustable beds that can be raised up to 42 inches high without a loft kit. See our furniture page for details and dimensions of furniture included in each residence hall.
  • Some rooms have complimentary loft or bunk kits already installed due to room configuration.
  • There is no limit on the number of students who can order loft kits in each room, unless adding additional loft kits would block a window due to the shape of the room.
  • Loft and ceiling heights may vary slightly. Please submit a maintenance request via your online housing portal to have your loft height adjusted.



The loft and bunk nonrefundable rental fee for the 2024-25 academic year is $265, which is charged to the student's OSU account upon confirmation of the request.

  • The loft kit fee will be charged to the student requesting the loft kit.
  • The $265 bunk rental fee will be split between the two roommates so that each student is charged $132.50. If roommates want to adjoin beds to make a bunk, both roommates must request it. Bunk bed requests will be installed only after both roommates submit a request.

UHDS rental loft kits are approximately 6 feet high, 7 feet long, and 3 feet wide. See below for examples of different styles of UHDS rental loft and bunk kits. Loft styles are dependant on the building you are assigned.

Canceling your loft or bunk
  • If you submitted your request by July 25, 2024, you must cancel by July 28, 2024. If you cancel your request after July 28, 2024, you will be charged for your loft or bunk.

  • If you submitted your request after July 28, 2024, you must cancel within three business days. If you cancel more than three business days after you submitted your request, you will be charged for your loft or bunk.

To cancel your loft or bunk request, go to your online housing portal.


If there are no available loft or bunk kits, the student will be placed on the waitlist which continues into the school year. If a loft or bunk kit becomes available, the first student on the list will be notified via ONID email and will have 48 hours to accept. 

Moving Rooms

During the academic year, if a student with a loft or bunk changes rooms, the loft can be moved with the student to their new room at no additional charge.  The student may request this move by submitting a maintenance request through your online housing portal. They can also chose to transfer the loft or bunk to the roommate remaining in the room at no cost as long as there is no waitlist for lofts or bunks.

Complimentary Lofts and Bunks

Some rooms require lofted and bunked beds as part of the room configuration and do not incur a loft charge. Additional information regarding room configurations may be found online on the Residence Hall pages.

Safety Warning

UHDS requires the use of safety rails on all bunked and lofted beds. Not using a safety rail could increase your risk of falling and injury. Lofts must be at least 1.5 feet (0.46 meters) from the student sleeper to the ceiling due to the risk of smoke inhalation in case of a fire. UHDS staff do not inspect all lofts and room set ups but still retain the right to enforce a change if upon an inspection the staff feels the current set up to be unsafe.