Beavers belong here

Our Residential Education programs are dedicated to helping students thrive by cultivating their sense of belonging on campus. 

Mission Statement

To create a supportive learning environment where residents feel like they belong at Oregon State University by challenging students to be actively engaged in community, explore their identity, and utilize campus resources to support their development.


Supporting the entire student journey

In Residential Education we make it a priority to cultivate living spaces that support students through connection, identity, and wellness. To achieve this, our team utilizes programs, services, and personnel to create a framework that helps students maximize their learning and engagement while living on-campus. This framework incorporates a variety of efforts to best engage residents in the community and facilitate personal growth. 


Connections for students can come in the form of relationship building and student involvement within the residence halls and on campus. Building connections allows residents to gain a deep sense of belonging on campus and become socially responsible members of the community.


Wellness resources are a key factor in helping students thrive on campus. Access to care and support across many aspects of health gives students a strong foundation of physical and emotional wellness to power their sense of belonging.


Exploring how past experiences shape values and beliefs can help students better understand their identities and reflect critically on their own cultural identity and background. This allows them to build empathy and connect their personal histories to larger social and historical experiences.

Learning outside of the classroom

College is about more than academic success. It's also about personal growth and discovery. Our programs integrate our three learning goals into various engagement opportunities throughout the year that work together to enhance the on-campus experience.

Examples include:

  • Residence Hall events
  • Residence Hall Association Casino Night
  • Drop-in meetings or appointments with Resident Assistants or Resident Directors
  • Cultural and social justice events organized by Diversity Learning Assistants
  • Tutoring resources provided by Academic Learning Assistants
  • Access to student health resources
In-hall staff

The services, skills, and time of a professional staff member are available in each Residence Hall. Visit your hall's page to find contact information for professional staff in your building.


Professional Staff
Each residence hall has a professional staff member who lives on campus and is responsible for the management of the housing complex, its various facilities and operations, and for the development of the residential population. These full-time staff members supervise other residential life staff, support the student government, encourage recreational, social, educational and cultural programming and are available for individual counseling and referrals to other university services.

Academic Learning Assistants
Each residence hall has an Academic Learning Assistant, a student staff member whose job is to help support the academic needs of residents. This may include providing advice, helping students engage with faculty, and helping students access tutoring and support services available on campus.

Diversity Learning Assistant
These student staff members help educate students about issues of social justice and serve as liaisons to the cultural centers available on campus.

Resident Assistants
Each residence hall floor (about 30-55 students) has a Resident Assistant (RA) who is selected and trained to assist with student concerns, personal, social, and academic needs, and general university and community issues. In addition, these staff members are trained to handle emergency situations, enforce university and residence hall policies and regulations, and carry out general administrative tasks.

Maintenance & Custodians
University Housing & Dining Services has its own maintenance staff and custodians. Staff performs daily common area cleaning, trash removal/recycling, and minor repairs through resident-initiated work order requests. Residents may request repairs or service at any time through the housing portal.