• Poling Hall has a large, recently-remodeled kitchen with an attached eating area and lounge on the fifth floor.
  • The kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator and freezer, oven, cooktop and microwave, and is available for residents to use 24/7.
  • Each floor also has a shared microwave for resident use.
  • Cooking equipment is available for checkout from the front desk.


  • Poling Hall has a large lounge in the basement with games, study space, and cable TV.
  • In addition, the first floor houses a large classroom, and there are smaller lounges on each floor of the building where students can gather to study, relax, and socialize.
  • All lounge spaces are available to residents 24/7.
Laundry Room

Laundry in Oregon State University residence halls is free for residents; no coins or cards are required.

  • The Poling Hall laundry room is located in the basement.
  • Residents should bring their own laundry soap and other supplies.
  • Liquid detergent is preferred.
  • Laundry pods must be placed in the washer itself.
  • Use the Campus CleanPay app to monitor laundry status. (App set-up instructions are posted on site.)
Trash and Recycling

Each resident room has a bin for trash and a bin for recycling. When the room bins are full, residents need to empty them in the building's trash and recycling areas.

  • Bottles, cans and paper: recycle these items inside, in the gray recycling bins in the lobby area on the ground floor, near the front desk.
  • Corrugated cardboard: recycle cardboard outside, in the cardboard bin on the south side of the building along Intramural Lane, across from the intramural fields.
  • Trash: empty your trash can outside, in the dumpster on the south side of the building along Intramural Lane, across from the intramural fields.

Learn more about recycling on campus.

Bike Storage Information
  • Outdoor bike racks near entrances 

Bathrooms in Poling Hall

  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)
  • two single user gender-inclusive bathrooms.
  • three single-user gender-inclusive bathrooms (toilet, sink and shower)
  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom
  • one multi-user women's bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom
  • one multi-user women's bathroom
  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom
  • one multi-user women's bathroom

Poling Sample Double 360° Video

Poling Hall Sample Double


Room types

Room details

Sample Poling Hall Triple (Three-Person ) Floor Plan


See a sample room layout for a double room.

Living Learning Communities

Innovation Nation: Poling is one of the halls that serves as a home to Innovation Nation, the living-learning community for students in pre-Business majors. Students living in Innovation Nation have access to a high-tech makerspace, as well as social events and symposiums for executives and entrepreneurs.

Nia Black Scholar LLC: Beginning in fall 2020, the first floor of Poling Hall will be home to a community for students with a shared interested in centering Black people and people of the African diaspora. Nia will allow students to build strong community, explore racial identity and understand what it means to be Black and African American in Oregon and at Oregon State University. Nia, one of seven Nguzo Saba, Kwanzaa principles, means “to make our collective vocation the building and development of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness."

munk-skukum Indigenous LLC: Beginning in fall 2020, the first floor of Poling Hall will also offer residential space for students to find community, explore cultural identity and learn more about the lands on which they will be residing. The munk-skukum community offers connections to students with a shared interest in centering Indigenous and Native American people, to cultural events on campus and to resources to help support students while they are at Oregon State University. munk-skukum means “to strengthen” in chinuk wawa (the local trade language), and we believe a strong community is central to the student experience at Oregon State

Hall Staff

Professional Staff: Each hall has a professional staff member, who lives on campus, supervises student staff members, and is available to meet with students one-on-one for guidance and support.

Student Staff: A team of student staff members lives in Poling Hall to assist residents.


Contact the Poling Hall Resident Director via email or at 541-713-5132

Call the Poling Hall Duty Phone at 541-230-4064

 Contact UHDS Office