About Halsell Hall


Every suite in Halsell comes with a kitchenette that contains an under-counter refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, and sink. Cooking pots are provided with every suite. In addition, the first floor of Halsell has a larger kitchen with an oven and full-size refrigerator, available 24/7 for resident use.


Every suite in Halsell comes with a shared in-suite living room. In addition, there are multiple lounges throughout the building equipped with couches, games, cable TV, and space for residents to gather, study and socialize. All lounges are available to residents 24/7.

Bathrooms in Halsell Hall

All suites in Halsell have bathrooms containing a shower, toilet, and sink; these are shared only with other residents of the suite. See below for additional restrooms available throughout the building.

  • three single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)


Room types
Room details

Halsell is a gender-inclusive community.

You can choose to share your room and suite with fellow students of any gender identity. If housing staff are assigning your roommates and suitemates,  you may be assigned a roommate or suitemate whose gender identity is different from your own.

Special Interest Communities

Second-Year and Above: All of Halsell Hall is a Second-Year and Above Community. This community is for students who have completed at least one year at Oregon State, are graduate students, or are transferring from another institution.

Transfer Students: The first floor west wing is home to a Transfer Student wing, for students transferring to Oregon State after previously completing post-high school coursework at another institution of higher learning. There's also a Transfer Student Living Room on the first floor of Halsell, a private lounge that any transfer student at Oregon State can use.

Melissa Greff, Resident Director

The Resident Director is a professional staff member who lives in or adjacent to Halsell hall and supervises the student staff members. Contact the Resident Director for help transitioning to college life, room changes, roommate issues, guidance and support.


Halsell Hall student staff

The live-in student staff members of Halsell Hall include Resident Assistants, a Community Relations Facilitator, and an Academic Learning Assistant. Contact student staff members with questions about your building as well as for help with personal, social and academic needs, and general community issues.

  • Halsell Staff Phone: 541-230-4077
  • Front Desk Hours: Sun-Thurs, 8 -10 p.m.; Fri-Sat, 8 p.m.-midnight.