Second Year and Above Housing

Enjoy the simple things in life...
  • fresh food at your fingertips
  • waking up five minutes before class
  • Studying abroad or doing an internship with no fees or hassles.

Keep it simple. We've got on-campus housing options for second year and above students, graduate students, and transfer students.

For Fall 2019 Returning Resident Applicants
  • Current students who live on campus again next year will receive $900 off their housing bill for 2019-20. ($300 rebate per term)
  • Dining Plan: When you return to campus,  you'll continue to receive our highest discount (25 percent) on food purchases, available only to on-campus residents. Plus, any unused meal plan dollars from this year will roll over to next year!
  • Deadlines: See what the dates are for room selection as well as the cancellation deadline.
  • Apply now: Applications are open starting Jan. 15, 2019.

*An additional $50 contract signing fee will be charged to your student account.
*$900 room rate discount is available only to current OSU students. Transfers from other institutions and new students are not eligible for returning resident discount. Discount will be applied to student accounts once per academic term in the amount of $300. If a student moves out of the halls midterm/year and breaks their contract this discount is forfeited.

Many returning students choose to live in our second year and above communities, which are set aside for older students.

  • Some communities offer apartment-style or suite-style rooms with a more private bathroom and shower.
  • Some also include common areas and kitchens
  • Explore communities that will have entire halls, wings, or floors set aside for second year and above students.

Other halls: Students who are in their second year and above also live in other residence halls on campus.