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On-campus housing for second-year and above students.

The application for Fall 2020 housing for returning students will be temporarily closed from May 15-18. It will open again at 10 a.m. May 18, 2020.

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Reasons to live on campus

Returning students save $1,050.

Get a $1,050 rebate off your room rate for the year and plus up to a 20% discount on food on campus.


Amenities included.

Rates include laundry, internet, utilities, cleaning for restrooms and common areas, and free streaming for Pac-12 sports, movies and TV.


Safety and Security.

Professional staff reside in all buildings, and buildings are locked 24/7 for student safety. UHDS staff are there to help students manage the stress of college life.

One bill in one place.

Living on campus means only one bill, and no required deposits, security fees, or credit checks.


Flexible contracts with no subleasing worries.

Students spending a term on OSU-sponsored or affiliated academic opportunities can cancel their UHDS contract with no penalty.


Communities just for second-year and above students.

Returning students get first pick of rooms on campus and have access to wings, floors and entire buildings set aside for second-year and above students.

Halsell Hall

Apartment-style suites with single or shared bedrooms, plus in-suite bathrooms and kitchenettes. Building reserved second year or above students.


Hawley & Buxton upper floor suites

Corner suites on the upper floors of Hawley & Buxton include an in-suite bathroom and three adjacent bedrooms (two double rooms and one triple room).


Bloss Hall

For Fall 2020, Bloss will offer either standard single rooms, with only one set of furniture, or double-as-single rooms. Double-as-single rooms have two sets of furniture in the room, but you will not have a roommate. Both types are suite-style, with a private in-room sink and vanity, and a bathroom shared with a suitemate in an adjacent room.

Hawley & Buxton first floor

Double, single and triple rooms, single-user restrooms, and a spacious kitchen and lounge, on an entire floor reserved for second-year and above students.


Wilson Hall, 6th floor, west wing

Double-occupancy rooms on a wing adjacent to the Pride Community; this wing includes single-user and multi-user gender-inclusive restrooms.


Tebeau Hall, 5th floor

Suite-style double rooms with in-suite bathrooms, plus spacious lounges and kitchens on every floor of the building.

Sackett Hall, B wing

Double and triple rooms with unique features like walk-in closets and a sleeping porch, allowing separation between living and sleeping areas.


ILLC, 4th Floor North Wing

All rooms in the ILLC are suite-style and have semi-private bathrooms. The ILLC has multiple lounge spaces and kitchens on every floor.




If you wish to select a room that is not in a designated second-year and above community contact our housing office to complete your request.

Contract Details

Housing locations

Returning students have first pick of rooms on campus and may live in any hall; however, most choose to live in one of our second-year and above communities.


Room Selection

Resturning students who apply by April 10 are eligible to select their own living space and their own roommates or suitemates in our second-year and above communities. Students who apply after April 10 will be assigned a living space and roommates/suitemates.


Discount details 

$1,050 room rate discount is available only to current OSU students.

Transfers from other institutions and new students are not eligible for returning resident discount.

Discount will be applied to student accounts once per academic term in the amount of $350.

If a student moves out of the halls mid-term/year and breaks their contract this discount is forfeited.

Housing Deadlines

The priority application deadline for returning student housing has been extended to April 10, 2020. Students who apply by April 10 can select their own rooms and roommates.

We will continue to accept applications after April 10, and you’ll still get our $1,050 discount off your 2020-21 room rate.

Our housing staff will assign rooms and roommates for later applicants, but we’ll work with you as much as possible to find on-campus housing that’s the right fit for you.


Contract fee

An additional $50 contract signing fee will be charged to your student account when you sign a housing contract.