You call it Beaver Nation. We call it home.

Living on campus your second year and beyond means staying at the heart of all that is Oregon State.

Your neighbors are also your classmates and research partners. Your nightlight is the glow of Reser. You're steps away from labs and classrooms, immersed in a supportive community, and focused on the things that matter.

Keep life simple. Remain a Resident of Beaver Nation.

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Over $1,000 discount

Current Oregon State students returning to live on campus save a total of $1,050 off their room rate, credited to student accounts once each term in the amount of $350.



One bill, no hassles.

Living on campus means one bill, and no required deposits, security fees, or sub-leases. All utilities, WiFi and laundry facilities are included.



Communities for second-year and above students.

Returning students have access to our second-year and above communities: wings, floors and entire buildings set aside for older students. Many of these communities have apartment-style and suite-style living options.



Amenities included.

No need to pay extra for laundry, high-speed Internet, cleaning services for restrooms and common areas, late-night food delivery service, and streaming sports and entertainment.



Fresh food at your fingertips.

No time spent on grocery shopping, dish duty, or meal prep—our professional chefs make fresh food daily at more than 30 on-campus restaurants, markets, and cafes.



Academic support.

Students on campus are close to Oregon State's free tutoring services and are more likely to form study groups with fellow Beavs. Studies show that students who live on campus are likely to graduate sooner than those who live off-campus.



Student employment.

Students who live on campus gain proximity to nearly 1,000 job opportunities in UHDS alone. On-campus work equals flexible work schedules, work-study positions and a very short commute. On-campus employers are invested in student success.



Appliances included.

Suites in Halsell Hall come with a kitchenette that includes an under-counter refrigerator, a microwave, and a cooktop. All other second-year and above spaces come with a free MicroFridge a combination mini-fridge/freezer/microwave appliance.


Get first pick of rooms and suites.

Returning students can select their rooms before any new students and have access to apartment-style housing that first-year students are not eligible for.



Flexible contracts with no sub-leasing.

Want to study abroad or pursue an off-campus internship? No problem. Students leaving for OSU-sponsored or affiliated academic opportunities can cancel their UHDS contract with no penalty.



Never pay full price for food.

On-campus residents receive discounts at all UHDS dining centers, cafes and markets. They can also continue to spend any of this year's unused dining dollars via the Rollover Dining Plan and receive a resident discount.



Fastest WiFi in the nation.

It's official—PC Magazine tested download speeds at campuses across the U.S. and Beaver Nation came out on top. All residents have free wired and wireless internet connections included in their room rate.



Single, double, or triple rooms.

Within the communities set aside for second-year and above students, residents can choose from multiple room types, including single rooms in Poling Hall, and single bedrooms within a shared suite in Halsell Hall.



Safety and Security.

Professional staff reside in all buildings, and buildings are locked 24/7 for student safety. While families can’t always be there to support students in person, UHDS staff are there to help students manage the stress of college life. Oregon State Police is on campus and the first to respond in an emergency.



Free streaming sports & entertainment.

Residents can watch free streaming TV via Xfinity on Campus, free streaming of the Pac-12 Network, and free streaming movies via Beaver Movie Streaming.



Late-night food delivery.

Only on-campus residents can enjoy our late-night food delivery service, Food2You. No tips or delivery charges, just fresh-made food delivered straight to hungry Beavs.

Contract Details


  • Housing locations. Second-year and above students have first pick of rooms on campus and may live in any hall; however, most choose to live in one of our second-year and above communities.
    • If you wish to select a room that is not in a designated second-year and above community, contact our housing office to complete your request.


  • Contract fee. An additional $50 contract signing fee will be charged to your student account when you sign a housing contract.


  • Discount details. $1,050 room rate discount is available only to current OSU students.
    • Transfers from other institutions and new students are not eligible for returning resident discount.
    • Discount will be applied to student accounts once per academic term in the amount of $350.
    • If a student moves out of the halls midterm/year and breaks their contract this discount is forfeited.