Oregon State University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS) is committed to providing an enjoyable and enriching dining environment for the purpose of serving as an educational, cultural, and social center for our students, staff, and the local community.

UHDS has created the following advertising and promotion guidelines to facilitate communication with the dining community in a manner that preserves the purpose for which the dining centers were created.

Dining & Service Center Promotion Guidelines

Residence Hall Promotion Guidelines

General Advertising and Soliciting Guidelines

With the exception of items on specified public posting boards, all advertisements and promotions in dining centers, service centers, and the first floor of the International Living-Learning Center, must meet the following guidelines.

To be eligible for authorization under this policy:

1. Advertising must not be misleading, fraudulent, or promoting an illegal activity.
 2. Advertising must not be used for any purpose that would be in direct competition with fee-based services of University Housing & Dining Services.
3. For printed materials associated with Event/Information Tables only:
  •  Must contain the name of the sponsoring organization, name of the president (or other leader or contact person), and a current phone number or email address.  
  •  Must have pertinent information (i.e., dates, times, contacts, etc.) written in English, or must be accompanied by an English language translation to ensure communication with the overall University community.
  •  Must include one of the following statements: 
    • For alternative formats or accommodations related to a disability, please contact (sponsoring department/organization contact name) at (phone or email); or
    •  Accommodation requests related to disability should be made by [specific date] to [sponsoring department/organization contact person, phone number, and email address].
4. Advertising that has not been authorized under this policy may be immediately removed or stopped.
  • Any associated costs or physical damages will be charged to those responsible parties. Students or representatives of the advertised organizations may also be referred to Student Conduct for disciplinary action.
5. Commercial transactions are not permitted in dining halls or service centers, unless conducted by UHDS or a UHDS vendor.

Please select one or more of the following options to promote your organization or event.



Public Posting Boards/Areas 

In each service/dining center there is one bulletin board or posting area designated as and reserved for public posting. This board/area allows users to post without getting approval from UHDS. 

UHDS assumes no responsibility for materials posted, therefore individuals who utilize the board will be responsible for the maintenance of their posting. UHDS makes no guarantees as to the space available on the board.

All advertisements or solicitations must not be fraudulent or misleading, and may not promote illegal activity.

Public Posting areas:

  • Arnold Service and Dining Center
  • McNary Service and Dining Center
  • Marketplace West Service and Dining Center
  • Orchard Court Office

Materials posted on the public posting area will be removed at the end of each term.

Event/Information Tables 
Event/information table space may be reserved in the following areas:
  • Marketplace West lobby,
  • McNary Dining Center lobby
  • Arnold Dining Center lobby
  • International Living Learning Center first floor
Table guidelines:
  • Tables will be provided by UHDS staff.
  • Use of wall space near the table is prohibited unless it is an approved posting area.
  • OSU departments and registered student organizations must provide their own easel(s) for poster display. 
  • No materials may be left unattended; a representative of the group or organization that reserved the space must be present at all times.
  • Event/information table space may be reserved up to, but not more than, three consecutive days per reservation. Consecutive days are exclusive of Saturday or Sunday (i.e., Friday, Monday, and Tuesday equal three consecutive days for the purpose of this protocol).
  • Groups and organizations are limited to two three-day reservations per term. 
  • Requests to reserve table space must submitted in advance. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance but must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the desired day of promotion. 
Tabling Limitations

Priority order when table space is limited will be as follows:

  • UHDS and/or RHA sponsored programs and events;
  • Academic department, Student Services, and Student Affairs, and INTO OSU sponsored programs and events;
  • Recognized student organizations sponsored programs and events; and
  • Everyone else

Due to UHDS space requirements during resident check-in, space for tabling is not available during OSU Fall Move-in Days. Additionally, space in the ILLC will be unavailable during orientation events.

Request a table reservation

Newspaper/Periodical Distribution Bin/Rack 

Each Dining Center lobby offers limited space on a first-come, first served basis, for the distribution of newspapers (including magazines and other periodicals) for OSU Student Organizations.

  • Newspaper staff is responsible for stocking and maintaining order and cleanliness of bins/racks.
  • Delivery must be made directly to the bin/rack.
  • Newspapers must be distributed in bins or racks, in locations determined by UHDS, that do not create fire/life safety hazards or obstruct entrance and exist ways.
  • Bins/racks must be free standing and in good condition, as determined by UHDS.
  • Bins/racks must remain stocked, with distribution schedule posted on the bin/rack, as well as contact information for questions, feedback and maintenance.
  • Distribution of newspapers must coincide with printing schedule, as posted on bin/rack.
  • Bins/Racks left empty for more than thirty days are subject to removal.
  • Requests for placement of bins/racks should be made to housing@oregonstate.edu at least five (5) business days prior to desired distribution day.
  • Requests for placement of bins/racks must be renewed each academic year.

Request to place a periodical rack