Becoming a student staff member at UHDS means more than just a job and paycheck.

While live-in staff positions do provide housing, a meal plan, and a monthly stipend, working as an Academic Learning Assistant, a Diversity Learning Assistant, or a Resident Assistant allows you to be part of your community in a meaningful way.

When you become a student staff member you, might...

  • help new members of Beaver Nation feel at home on campus,
  • connect a struggling student with resources and tutoring,
  • be an on-campus voice about issues of social justice.

No matter where you find your place, working for UHDS gives you the chance to make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

2023-24 Live-in Student Opportunities



Academic Learning Assistant

You will support students as they adjust to the academic rigors of college life by helping them cultivate strong academic habits and engage with faculty. Applications for the 2023-24 ALA position open January 9, 2023 and close February 12, 2023.


Diversity Learning Assistant

Your mission is to help build inclusive relationships and serve as an ambassador for campus partners who offer diversity services and programs. The position requires a strong commitment to the principles of and action for social justice. Applications for the 2023-24 DLA position open January 10, 2023 and close February 12, 2023.



Resident Assistant

You will play a key role in creating and maintaining emotionally and physically safe and secure residential communities, and in helping all community members to be academically and personally successful. Applications for the 2023-24 RA position open January 30, 2023 and close February 26, 2023.



Residence Hall Association Executive Officer

You will plan social and educational events for residents throughout the year, and serve as an advocate for the needs of on-campus residents. Applications dates for 2022-2023 TBD.