About Dixon Lodge


  • Dixon Lodge has a large kitchen and adjacent dining room on the first floor.
  • Dixon Lodge residents have access to the kitchen and dining room 24/7.
  • The kitchen contains a refrigerator, stoves, microwave and sink for resident use. 
  • Cooking equipment is available for checkout.


The lounge in Dixon Lodge is equipped with games, cable TV, and space to relax and socialize.

Laundry Room

Laundry in Oregon State University residence halls is free for residents; no coins or cards are required.

  • The laundry room is on the first floor of the building
  • Use the Campus CleanPay app to monitor laundry status. (App set-up instructions are posted on site.)
Trash and recycling

Each resident room has a bin for trash and a bin for recycling. When the room bins are full, residents need to empty them in the building's trash and recycling areas.

  • Click here to view a map of Dixon Lodge trash & recycling bin locations.


Bike Storage Information
  • There is an indoor covered bike storage area near the courtyard

Bathrooms in Dixon Lodge

  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)
  • one multi-user women's bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom

Dixon Lodge Sample Room

Room types
Room details

Sample Double (Two-Person) Room Floor Plan

  • Listed room sizes are estimates. Individual room dimensions may vary.
  • See a sample double room layout.

Hall Staff

Professional Staff: Each hall has a professional staff member who lives on campus, supervises student staff members, and is available to meet with students one-on-one for guidance and support.

Student Staff: A team of student staff members lives in Dixon Lodge to assist residents.


Call the Dixon Lodge Duty Phone at 541-230-4062

 Contact UHDS Office