About Dixon Lodge


Dixon Lodge has a large kitchen and adjacent dining room on the first floor. Dixon Lodge residents have access to the kitchen and dining room 24/7. The kitchen contains a refrigerator, stoves, microwave and sink for resident use.  Cooking equipment is available for checkout.

Lounges & Meeting Space

The lounge in Dixon Lodge also serves as the Clubhouse for the Joan and Tom Skoro Recovery Living Community, which holds regular meetings and social events on-site. The Clubhouse is equipped with games, cable TV, and space to relax and socialize. The first floor of Dixon also houses a meeting space as well as computers for resident use.

Bathrooms in Dixon Lodge

  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)
  • one multi-user women's bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom
Room types
Room details

Collegiate Recovery Community

Dixon Lodge is the home of Oregon State University's recovery living community, a partnership with the school's Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC).

This community provides holistic, recovery-specific support to the students who live there. The community includes single- and dual-occupancy rooms, a community kitchen for residents, and a dynamic programming space.

In an effort to make living in the on-campus recovery community affordable and accessible, significant funds have been allocated towards providing housing and dining scholarships to those who live in this new community.

Melanie Perez, Resident Director

Melanie Perez serves as the resident director for Dixon Lodge and McNary Hall. The resident director is a professional staff member who lives on campus and supervises the student staff members. Contact the resident director for help transitioning to college life, room changes and roommate issues, guidance and support.

Dixon Lodge & McNary Hall student staff

The live-in student staff members of Dixon Lodge includes one resident assistant. Dixon Lodge community members also have access to support from a Community Relations Facilitator and an Academic Learning Assistant in nearby McNary Hall. Contact student staff members with questions about your building as well as for help with personal, social and academic needs, and general community issues.

  • Hall Staff Phone: 541-230-4062
  • Front Desk Hours: Sun-Thur, 8 p.m.-midnight; Fri-Sat, 8 p.m.-2 a.m.

Charlie Beckers, Area Director for Academic Initiatives

The Area Director for Academic Initiatives (ADAI) is a professional staff member who lives on campus and supervises several resident directors. The ADAI supervises Academic Learning Assistants in the hall and collaborates with university partners to promote academic success for campus residents.