The Global Village in the International Living-Learning Center (ILLC) is a community for International and American students who are passionate about cultural exchange and global experiences. The ILLC offers students of all majors the opportunity for international-domestic and international-international roommate pairs, globally-themed hall programs and much more. 

Our world is increasingly becoming a global village. Living in the ILLC can help prepare you for a more
globalized world by: 

  •  Exploring global languages, and cultural issues from multiple perspectives. 
  •  Participating in interactions with others who are culturally different than you. 
  •  Developing an appreciation for differences, learning to view experiences through different perspectives, and respecting and protecting human dignity. 

Programs and events shift each term. For more info about what is currently going on in the ILLC, visit the ILLC Events calendar or the INTO OSU Activities and Involvement page.  

Eligibility/Criteria for living in the Global Village 

  • The Global Village welcomes students from all majors.  
  • We encourage students who are interested in the ILLC to also consider the International Degree or Global Learning Certificate programs. 

For more information about the ILLC building, please visit the hall's website. For other general questions
about the Global Village, please email the ILLC Resident Director.