The Global Village in the International Living-Learning Center (5th floor) is a community for International and American students who are passionate about cultural exchange and global experiences. The Global Village offers students of all majors the opportunity for international-domestic and international-international roommate pairs, globally-themed hall programs and much more!


Why consider living in a Global Village learning community?

Our world is increasingly becoming a global village, or rather, a world connected by electronics and technology. In addition, our world is also experiencing globalization, which is interaction and integration among people, companies and governments of many nations.

Globalization offers the potential to enrich the world culturally and creates an environment where elements of different cultures spread from one society or social group to another, often creating positive social change on issues including human rights, democracy, and even world health matters.

Global competency is an important skill set that is applicable to all academic disciplines. The Global Village welcomes students from all majors.


Living in the Global Village can help prepare you for a more globalized world by:

The Global Village’s goal is to prepare and empower you to face global realities by providing quality international learning experiences around citizenship, responsibility, and action in the global community. Some focuses of the Global Village will include:

  • Enhancing Global Knowledge, which can include learning a language, exploring global and cultural issues from multiple perspectives, exploring historical, cultural, and other underlying influences, and considering economic, environmental, societal, cultural, and other contextual global complexities.
  • Developing Global Skills, which help with participating in interactions with others who are culturally different than you.
  • Cultivating Global Attitudes, which includes developing an appreciation for differences, learning to view experiences through different perspectives, and respecting and protecting human dignity.

Living in the Global Village is fun!

Joining the Global Village Living Learning Community means:

  • Discovering art and music from around the world through guest speakers and campus events exclusive to Global Village residents
  • Attending international movie nights within the Global Village facilitated by OSU faculty
  • Partnering with Global Village residents to serve the greater Corvallis community through globally themed civic engagement projects 
  • Participating in a guided visit to the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization in Portland and examine global issues impacting our local community
  • Sharing your cultural traditions and heritage through monthly culture nights
  • Participating in fun events planned by your peers on the Global Village Programming Council
Basics of the Global Village
  • Located in the International Living-Learning Center (ILLC) on the south side of campus, adjacent to the Arnold Dining Center and near Reser Stadium
  • On the fifth floor of the ILLC, a building that includes lounge spaces, the Cascadia Market & Café on the ground floor
  • Open to all students, regardless of major 
  • Students with a major focused on international studies are strongly encouraged to live on this floor

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Room Types


Eligibility: All Oregon State students are eligible to live in the ILLC.

Room types: All rooms in the ILLC have attached bathrooms. Several different bedroom types are available.