Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are academic programs that partner with residential communities on campus. In addition to living amongst students in the same major, college, academic focus or program, we bring events around this program to you in the building.


Adventure Living-Learning Community

The Adventure Living-Learning Community, in Finley Hall, offers residents the opportunity to establish friendships and explore the landscapes of Oregon. Adventure leadership education provides awe-inspiring, transformative experiences to students each year. By attending a variety of courses and programs including adventure trips, skill workshops, and social gatherings, students develop lifelong leadership qualities in combination with environmental ethics and outdoor skills.



In partnership with the University Exploratory Studies Program, the EXPLORE Living-Learning Community in Callahan Hall is a residential space focused on major and career exploration.  Students in this community will be able to explore their interests, values and goals by gathering information through programming, experiential learning, community building and coursework. Students will also have the opportunity to connect with faculty, staff and other students in exciting ways as they explore their options inside and outside of the classroom. This active exploration will prepare students to make well-informed academic and career decisions. First year students in any major who are committed to exploration are invited to join EXPLORE.



This residential community, located in Hawley & Buxton halls, helps students become integrated into the OSU College of Engineering community, with programming centered on engineering concepts and activities. In addition, the community provides opportunities for interaction with College of Engineering faculty and advisors. These staff members can help students be successful and become engaged on campus, whether it is through one of the over 70 COE clubs or in undergraduate research. Living in the Engineering Living-Learning Community allows students to connect with others in the same engineering core courses and to take advantage of extra help through tutoring support services provided in residence.


Benefits of the Engineering Living-Learning Community

  • Live with predominantly engineering students; you'll never have to look very far to find someone who is in the same math and science courses you are.
  • Access to academic resources, including tutoring provided in the halls.
  • Participate in programming and workshops designed to support students in the engineering fields.
  • Women can take advantage of living in a Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) Wing located on the 5th floor of Buxton.
  • Interact with COE faculty and advisors to learn about courses, research, and ways to get involved on campus.
  • Create strong friendships with students with similar interests and passions.


Global Village

The Global Village in the International Living-Learning Center (5th floor) is a community for International and American students who are passionate about cultural exchange and global experiences. The Global Village offers students of all majors the opportunity for international-domestic and international-international roommate pairs, globally-themed hall programs and much more.


Health & Well-Being

The Health & Well-Being Living-Learning Community is a space for students to connect with other students who are excited about health and science, especially the intersection of these fields and the perspective of improving our communities across Oregon and beyond. This program is in partnership with both the College of Science and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. It is highly recommended for students pursuing science and health degrees. It is located in McNary Hall.


Honors College Program

Community is about more than buildings. It's about the people and the environment around you. Honors College (HC) residents are surrounded by like-minded students who appreciate a healthy balance of peace and quiet mixed with inspiring academic activities and stimulating social experiences. HC members have the opportunity to interact with Honors College faculty through academic and intellectually-focused programming and during in-hall office hours.


Within the robust living and learning community, HC students receive priority housing at an honors wing of Sackett Hall as well as at West Hall, which is an entirely HC community. West offers suite-style rooms, computing, printing and collaborative resources, on-site Honors advising and a large kitchen facility. Sackett Hall features walk-in closets, rooms with a separate sleeping porch and renovated bathrooms. In addition, Sackett offers an extensive student engagement and study space, faculty office space and is in close proximity to the Learning Innovation Center (LInC), the new home of the HC since fall 2015.


Innovation Nation - College of Business LLC

Weatherford Hall and Poling Hall are the homes for Innovation Nation, the College of Business Living Learning Community. Weatherford and Poling provide faculty and program offices, classroom space and student rooms. Weatherford additionally provides two self-contained suites for visiting entrepreneurs, investors and professors, a cyber cafe, and an entrepreneurship library. All incoming new freshmen that are Pre-Business majors are required to live in Weatherford or Poling Hall their first year, although those with an interest in International Business may also apply to live in the Global Village LLC.



The Mindfulness Living Learning Community, is located in McNary Hall, is a space for students interested in self-exploration, finding balance and meaning, strengthening the mind, and building resilience. Students will develop a personal practice of mindfulness and grow in relationships with others through experiences that cultivate compassion, empathy, and empowerment. To support these endeavors, students will participate in a 2 credit fall course taught by Dr. John Edwards, Chair of the School of Psychological Sciences, and a 1 credit spring PAC course taught by CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) staff. In addition, monthly programs such as yoga, meditation, films, service learning, and outdoor mindfulness activities will be offered. The Mindful Living Learning Community is for students from all spiritual backgrounds. It is not a religious community, rather, it is based on nonsectarian practices and welcomes atheists, agnostics, and students from any faith tradition. 


Still looking for your community?

Did you mean to search for Special Interest Housing communities? Special Interest Communities are built around common interests but not tied to any specific academic program. For example, these communities include ROTC, Study Intensive and more.