Terms and Definitions in your UHDS Contract

Contracts by definition are a legal and binding document. Before you sign your contract to live on campus, we encourage you to read it thoroughly and reach out to our staff if you have any questions. We seek to be clear in our contract terms and conditions; please see below for details on some of the contract terms that UHDS staff often receive questions about.

To sign your Housing Contract, log in to Housing Portal and access the contract by selecting "Self-Service Portal" and then "Applications." If you are under 18 at the time your contract is signed, a parent or guardian co-signature is required.



Eligibility Requirements
  • In order to live on campus, you must be an active student, as defined in Section 2 of the contract: “individuals must be admitted to and enrolled at Oregon State University (“OSU”) and actively pursuing a degree, a University-affiliated program, or dually admitted to and enrolled in a community college that is part of the Dual Degree Partnership Program with OSU.”



Duration of the Contract
  • This contract is valid for the duration of the academic year, as defined in section 3 of the contract. Students who move to campus fall term are bound to this contract through winter and spring terms. Students who move on later in the year are bound to this contract for the remainder of the academic year. 



Defining Occupancy
  • Occupancy is defined in Section 5 of the contract: “the Resident has received a key for a specified room and/or has moved personal belongings into the room (whichever occurs first). Occupancy status does not require the actual physical presence of the Resident or their belongings. The Resident will be assessed charges for the entire Term of this Contract.” If you move out, and do not return your key to your Service Center, you will continue to be charged for your room until that key has been received by the appropriate UHDS staff. 



Live-On Requirement
  • Oregon State University has a Live-On Requirement for all new freshmen who are within 12 months of high school graduation as part of the First Year Experience, as defined in Section 8. The Office of the Dean of Students manages this policy; review the Live-on Requirement policy on their website.



Moving Out Pre-Occupancy
  • If your housing plans change after you sign this contract, or you will no longer be attending OSU, we need to hear from you, the contract holder, to cancel your contract. As defined in Section 6, contract cancellations must be in writing, from the Resident, and delivered to Housing@oregonstate.edu from the resident’s ONID account; fees may apply.  



Moving Out Post-Occupancy
  • As defined in Section 7a-c of the contract, if a resident would like to move out of the residence halls post-occupancy, they must cancel their contract, which has associated fees. To cancel, the Resident must complete all the steps outlined on the UHDS Moving Out of UHDS Facilities page



Contract Fee
  • All students are charged a non-refundable $50 contract fee annually when they submit a housing contract, as defined in Section 10e. 



Dining Plans
  • All residents are required to have a dining plan when living on campus, as defined in Section 17. This dining plan is selected upon submitting an application for Housing, and can be changed during the contract period. New dining plan allotments are added each term, and carry over to the next term throughout the year as long as the resident is an active student living on campus. If you have money remaining at the end of the contract period, that money will roll over to a dining plan you may use the next academic year, regardless of whether you live on campus. This rollover plan is not refundable if gone unused after your additional academic year is complete.