Dining Dollars

Campus residents at Oregon State University can choose from one of four dining plans, which give you Dining Dollars to spend at more than 25 restaurants, cafes and stores on campus. You receive the largest discount (20 percent off the list price for 2022-23)  when you use your Dining Dollars at micro-restaurants in one of our dining centers. You receive a 10 percent discount when you use Dining Dollars at most other UHDS-operated cafes, markets and additional locations. Only campus residents may purchase dining plans. Learn more about dining plans.

Orange Cash

Orange Cash is a separate account that allows you to receive a 10-percent discount at more than 25 food locations on campus, including some locations that do not accept UHDS Dining Dollars. Anyone affiliated with OSU may have an Orange Cash account. Learn more about Orange Cash.

Both accounts are connected to your OSU ID card and can be accessed at any participating location on campus simply by swiping your card at the register.