Full Plate Fund

Full Plate Fund helps Beavs in need

Since June 2017, Oregon State University residents have been making life a little easier for fellow Beavers facing food insecurity.

University Housing & Dining Services has partnered with the Human Services Resource Center to create the Full Plate Fund, an innovative program that awards Dining Plan Dollars to students who need additional funds for food.

Since the fund was launched in June 2017, more than 70 students have received Dining Dollars from the Full Plate Fund. More funds will be awarded each term to students experiencing food insecurity.

In the past, students who were graduating, transferring, or withdrawing from Oregon State University sometimes found themselves with unspent Dining Plan Dollars at the end of their time at OSU. The Full Plate Fund allows students to donate those excess dollars to other students who may be making tough choices between buying textbooks or buying food. Students who are not graduating, transferring or withdrawing can continue to use their Dining Plan Dollars when they return for the next academic year, or they can also choose to donate Dining Plan Dollars to the Full Plate Fund.

Students who are awarded Full Plate Fund dollars can use them at any University Housing & Dining Services facility, including Oregon State's campus grocery store, Cascadia Market.

Donations can be made at any University Housing & Dining Services facility; ask any cashier how to donate.

For information on applying for a Full Plate Fund allocation, contact the Human Services Resource Center.