Our guest accommodations feature fifteen residence halls grouped in complexes on the east, south, and west sides of campus. These standard and suite-style residence halls comfortably accommodate 150 to 350 guests each. University dining centers are located near all on-campus housing.

General information

  • Most guest rooms are double or triple occupancy and are located along each side of the corridor, with stairs and elevator access (unless otherwise stated) to each floor.
  • Single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, quad rooms, and suite-style rooms are all available.
  • The terms single, double, triple, etc. always refer to occupancy limits and the number of twin beds in the room.
  • Due to fire and safety standards, room occupancy limits must be followed by all guests.
  • For their comfort and convenience, guests may want to bring a fan and hangers. Those in standard halls may also want to bring flips flops and a robe for showering.

Hall List

You can find detailed information about all of our residence halls here.

Bloss Hall and Weatherford Hall AB wing from Ground floor to 2nd floor will be unavailable for Summer Conferences in 2024. Halsell Hall, Finley Hall, International Living Learning Center (ILLC) and West Hall, will have very limited availability throughout the summer.

Guest Room Types

All rooms are equipped with extra-long twin beds, desks, closets/wardrobes, and a chest of drawers.

Standard/Traditional Halls

  • One room with twin beds, wardrobes, and desks. Common restrooms and showers are located on the floor. Showers are in individual stalls.
  • Our standard residence halls have corridor style floor plans.
  • Residence hall bathrooms are located on all floors at the end of each wing or section. They are designated as "male only" or "female only".

Suite-Style Halls

  • Two or four rooms, each with twin beds, wardrobes, and desks. Each room or suite has a sink. The rooms in the suite are adjoined by a bathroom with a toilet and shower.
  • Five of our halls, Bloss, Halsell, the ILLC, Tebeau, and West, are designed in a suite arrangement.
  • In Bloss, the ILLC, and West, two double-occupancy or two single-occupancy rooms adjoin each other through a connecting bathroom.
  • West and the ILLC have limited single and double rooms with their own private bathroom.
  • In Halsell, two double-occupancy or four single-occupancy rooms share a common area, restrooms, and kitchenette.
  • In Tebeau, one-single occupancy and two double-occupancy rooms (5 total beds) or 3 double-occupancy rooms (6 total beds) share a bathroom. Additional single stall toilets and showers are available down the hall on the floor.


Accessibility Information

Our overall residential program at OSU meets the access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Selected rooms and entrances in McNary, Poling, Sackett, the ILLC, Tebeau, and West halls are designated as wheelchair accessible. However, other residential facilities that we use for summer conferences are not fully wheelchair accessible.

With advance notice and upon request, we can provide TTYs and smoke detectors for guests who are hearing impaired. Certified service animals may accompany guests with medical needs who require their assistance while staying on campus.


We have three linen options for our guests. For those groups that choose the "no linen" option, guests need to bring bedding and towels with them. Please see our rates sheet for additional information.

Basic linen set - Guests make their own bed
  • Includes a pillow, pillowcase, two flat sheets, wool blanket, and two towels.
  • All linens are in a bag on the bed upon arrival.
  • Upon departure, guests must place all linen in the bag and take it and their pillow to the designated linen drop off location.
Towels only set
  • Includes two towels and a washcloth.
  • Towels will be placed on the bed upon arrival.

Custodial Services

Our custodial staff cleans and disinfects common bathrooms (in standard/traditional halls) and common areas each day. Individual rooms are cleaned prior to guests' arrival and upon their departure.


Parking at Oregon State is limited and all guests are subject to the parking rules and restrictions as determined by the OSU Transit and Parking Services Office. We will gladly help you obtain your permits prior to arrival. If individuals wish to purchase permits they may do so on the day of arrival. More information about Visitor parking can be found on the OSU Transit and Parking Services website.


Security and safety

OSU is nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Corvallis is a small town with a warm community atmosphere. It is a safe and inviting place to hold your conference. OSU Department of Public Safety officers patrol outside the residence halls at night and Residential Conferences has staff available to assist you 24 hours a day. Building entrances are locked 24 hours a day. For extra precaution, please note the following safety tips:

  • Do not prop outside doors. This allows access into the buildings by unauthorized people.
  • Tell your guests to know their neighbors. If a guest finds someone on their floor that they do not recognize as part of your camp, particularly if they are behaving suspiciously, they should report it immediately to a camp staff member, chaperone, or Residential Conference staff.
  • Tell guests to always lock their room and carry their room key. We have experienced occasional thefts in the conference halls during the summer months, especially in rooms that were left unlocked while people were away at a program or camp session outside the residence hall.
  • Do not leave money, wallets, purses, or other valuables in plain sight. Put them in a drawer or closet where they are not visible or accessible to someone casually walking by guest rooms.
  • Do not invite strangers into guest rooms or conference hall.
  • Do not hang out windows or go out on window ledges.
  • Use fire escape landings for emergency purposes only. Do not hang off, sit, or play on or around the fire escape balcony railings.
  • Do not endanger others or create a mess by throwing food or other objects out the window or off balconies.

For emergencies only, call 911 from campus phones or use the emergency phones located in the buildings. For non-emergencies, or to file a crime report call Oregon State Police (OSP) at 7-3010 from a campus phone or 541-737-3010 from a cell phone.

Common Areas in the Residence Halls

  • Small guest lounges are available for use on each floor by prior arrangement with UHDS Conference staff. Furniture typically includes chairs, couches, and/or tables.
  • The main lounge (generally on the first floor) is available for use of all conference groups residing in the building and may be reserved by prior arrangement with UHDS Conference staff.
  • Each hall has a laundry room that is available to guests free of charge. Guests must provide their own detergent.
  • Kitchenettes may be available for use during summer.
  • Elevator access is available in all halls except Sackett.
  • For the safety and security of our guests, the front entrance doors of each hall will remain locked at all times. Adult guests will receive access cards that unlock the front door. Depending on the access requested by the conference, youth guests will need to be accompanied by an adult (such as staff, chaperone, or camp counselor) for building access at all time; or youth guests will have exterior building access to the from 7:00am - 7:00pm and will need to be let in by an adult outside those hours.

Room and outside access card

Youth participants will be issued a room key and an access card that will only access interior points inside the building assigned or an access card that includes 24/7 interior access and exterior building access from 7:00am - 7:00pm, depending on the access the Conference Sponsor selects for participants. Adults in both youth and adult groups will be issued a room key and an outside door and interior access card. We ask that you stress the importance of safety and security as it relates to keeping track of keys and access cards. The conference sponsor will be charged for all keys and access cards not returned at checkout even if the participant returns the key after departure. Replacement cost for room keys is $75 each and outside door access card is $15 each.

Telephone Service

Telephone service in residence halls is limited. Emergency telephones in yellow boxes are located just outside the main entrances of each residence hall. Some buildings have additional phones available at no charge for local or on campus calls.

Internet Service

All buildings have wireless throughout the building and access is provided free of charge via the OSU Visitor Network.