UHDS is a campus leader in sustainability, pioneering innovative programs that have reduced waste in our facilities. Learn more about how we're holding ourselves accountable to action and operating responsibly with our resources today, to ensure our best possible future.

Eco2Go reusable food container program

Since Fall 2015, UHDS restaurants have provided reusable Eco2Go containers as the primary take-out container. Students, staff and faculty can get a meal to-go in an Eco2Go container, then empty and return at any dining center or residence hall, or at other return locations around campus. We estimate that the switch to Eco2Go has prevented over one million disposable containers from going to the landfill since its inception.

Reusable cups initiative

UHDS is partnering with the ASOSU Sustainability Council to reduce landfill waste in the form of disposable cups and encourage use of reusable drink containers. Starting in January 2023, a 25-cent charge will be added to all drinks that use disposable, single-use cups. Similar initiatives at other universities saw an annual decrease in disposable cup usage of roughly one-third, saving a lot of waste from being sent to the landfill. Guests in UHDS cafes are encouraged to bring their empty, clean containers every time they stop in. Reusable containers are available for purchase in many campus cafes and stores, or contact OSUsed or Community Engagement & Leadership for discounted or free containers. 


Water & Energy Conservation & Waste Management In Dining Services

  • Implementing the LeanPath system to track and combat food waste

  • Phasing out polystyrene for use of compostable plastics

  • Use local manufacturer (Atacama) for consumables

  • Participation in composting and recycling programs to divert waste from landfills; compost all pre- and post-consumer food waste

  • Waste cooking oil is reused for biodiesel

  • Increasing partnerships with local vendors

  • Partner with “Fresh from the Faucet”, a Be Well @ OSU campaign to make tap water the#1 beverage choice for environmental and personal health reasons; have self-service ice water stations at the majority of UHDS restaurants to encourage patrons to choose water and to refill water bottles

  • Harvest of the month local foods tabling: UHDS partners with the OSU Sustainability Initiative and the Corvallis Environmental Center's Edible Corvallis Initiative to provide local produce sampling/tabling events in UHDS dining centers

  • Focus on sustainable, ethical ingredient procurement, including sourcing more locally raised, pastured meats (i.e. Calabaloo’s only uses NW Natural Beef)

  • Provide a variety of vegan and vegetarian options; minimum 30% plant-based food options in restaurants and cafes, with the goal to increase to 50%

  • Leftover, usable food is used in reduced cost "Food For Thought" meals or donated to the Linn-Benton Food Share

  • Member of the Food Alliance, an organization which promotes environmental and social responsibility for the food system

  • Recycling of food container waste (i.e., soft plastic, wine corks, beer bottle caps, glass, appropriate hard plastics, cardboard, paper)

  • Replacement of old equipment with Energy Star rated and water-conserving appliances

  • High standards for green-certified cleaning and sanitizing chemicals

Operations & Facilities

  • Use green construction & renovation standards

    • Targeting LEED Gold Equivalency

    • Installation of dual-flush toilets in new construction

    • Replacement of windows as priority

  • Use of high efficiency fluorescent lighting / ballasts and LED

  • Use of high / 100% recycled content carpet tiles

  • Scrap metal recycling through OSU Campus Recycling

  • Use of low flow shower heads in residence halls

  • Use recycled and recycle toner cartridges

  • Installation of variable frequency drives on electric motors

  • Solar hot water system installed in ILLC