Orchard Court has 94 traditional-style apartment units in 19 separate one or two-story buildings. There are 22 one-bedroom units, 62 two-bedroom units and 10 three-bedroom units. Thirteen new terrace-style apartments were added to the student family rentals in March 2002. Of these two are one-bedroom units, nine are two-bedroom units and two are three-bedroom units.

There are three laundry rooms, an office, and a Community Center, as well as lots of green space and three play areas for children. The total resident population of students, spouses, partners, and children ranges from 280-300 residents.

The apartments are smoke free. Smoking is not allowed inside apartments or other building areas.

Community Center, Playgrounds & Community Garden

The Community Center has a large gathering hall, kitchen, and playroom. Residents may reserve the Community Center by emailing housing@oregonstate.edu at no charge for special parties, meetings and events.

Our Community Center is also the location of our Orchard Court Office. Residents can stop by the office during the weekday to get answers for any general questions, receive keys, process any maintenance requests, or need assistance with anything Orchard Court related

There are three outdoor playground areas adjacent to each of the laundry rooms, as well as many sidewalks and open grassy areas in the complex, where children of all ages can play if properly supervised. There are also three BBQ grills that residents can utilize through the Orchard Court Office staff.

We also provide a community garden space for residents interested in gardening. Residents can request to use any of the available raised beds through our Community Assistants.



School-age children attend Jefferson Elementary School and Linus Pauling Middle School (about 2.5 miles away). Elementary and middle school students can ride the school bus (about a 5 minute bus ride) or go with parents by car. The bus stop is located on the corner of Jefferson & 35th Street. High school students attend Corvallis High school (about 2 miles away), and get to school with a 5-10 minute drive by car or 15-20 minutes by school bus.

For more information about Corvallis schools, visit the Corvallis School District website at: https://www.csd509j.net/



Parking lots in the complex accommodate one vehicle per unit, with additional parking available along bordering City streets. One Orchard Court parking permit is issued to each unit, which allows access to the Orchard Court parking lots for one vehicle. There is no charge for the Orchard Court parking permit. Students who wish to drive and park throughout campus must purchase an OSU student parking permit from the University's Transportation Services Parking Unit at the beginning of each year.


Pets & Companion Animals Policy

Residents may not have pets in Orchard Court, with the exception of fish kept in one aquarium no larger than 10 gallons. Fish kept as pets in Orchard Court must remain in their aquariums at all times.  No gravel is allowed down the drains in the sinks, showers, or toilets.


Exceptions to this policy are granted for residents who have preapproval for a service or assistance animal through Disability Access Services.  For more information please visit: 




An on-site student Customer Service Representatives and Community Assistants provide assistance and service for Orchard Court residents. The staff members facilitate maintenance requests, manage the rental process, help support community activities, respond to resident concerns, keep residents advised of facility projects and repair, coordinate use of the Community Center, and monitor overall operations and happenings in the complex. Staff members in our department's Operations & Facilities unit provide general maintenance services.

Police and security services are provided by OSU's Department of Public Safety and OSU Police. Fire and life safety services operate through the City of Corvallis.


Family Housing Association

The Family Housing Association (FHA) is a resident student group that sponsors activities and programs for the benefit of Orchard Court residents, and advocates on behalf of student families. FHA sponsors events such as international potlucks, barbecues, games, exercise classes, the community garden, and other special activities. FHA is funded through a small activity fee that is included in the monthly rent.



If you have lived at Orchard Court for a minimum of 6 months, you can submit a request to transfer from your current apartment to a different apartment in the complex. Transfer requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed to be approved. If your request is approved, you will be charged a $200 transfer fee (subject to change) and you might not have your choice of apartments.



Utilities including electricity, water, sewer, garbage, high speed internet, basic digital cable, and laundry services are included in the monthly rent. Residents may sign up for their own telephone service.