University Housing & Dining Services Grounds Use

Oregon State University and University Housing & Dining Services offers outdoor space for academic, professional, and recreational functions that serve the campus community. 

All activities occurring on UHDS grounds must meet the Oregon Administrative Rules relating to Time, Manner and Place Rules for Speech Activities. Please read these rules before filling out the UHDS Grounds Use request form.

UHDS does not provide additional equipment such as tables, chairs, tents or other supplies. You may reach out to the Memorial Union reservation to inquire about possible rentals available. You can contact the MU Reservations office at Groups with an approved grounds use request form can also work with another vendor for these services.  



  • The University recognizes and supports the rights of free expression and speech. It is the purpose of these regulations to balance the free speech rights of non-OSU groups/individuals with the significant interests OSU has in preserving its limited space and employee resources for OSU needs.
  • No speech activities shall unreasonably disrupt regular or authorized activities in University facilities and on grounds.

Use of Chalk as a speech activity near UHDS buildings is generally admitted except:

  • On buildings, structures, or staircases;
  • Within 6 feet of building entrances

UHDS Grounds Use Request Process

  1. Complete one of the two UHDS Grounds Use Request Forms linked below, based on your affiliation with OSU. For proper and timely consideration, requests MUST be submitted at least 14 days before the event date. If submitted less than 14 days in advance, we may not be able to accommodate your request.
  2. Sound permit: If you will be requesting a sound permit, you will be able to upload that form in the UHDS Grounds Use Request Form. You can download the Sound Permit form here.
  3. Review: Your request is sent to others in UHDS for review and approve. We may contact you via email asking for further information regarding the event prior to approval.
  4. Notification: The applicant will receive an email notice of approval/disapproval from the UHDS Landscape Supervisor.
  5. Event: You must have a copy of your approved UHDS Grounds Use Request available at your event.

UHDS Grounds Use Request Forms

Request form for OSU-affiliated groups

This form may be used by the following groups:

Request form for NON-OSU-affiliated groups

This form may be used by the following groups:

  • OSU Voluntary Student Organizations without an activity sponsorship agreement with an OSU college or department for the activity for which UHDS grounds are being requested
  • All others who are not affiliated with Oregon State University.

For requests to use OSU Corvallis campus property not managed by UHDS, please see information about the Campus Grounds Use process can be found here.  

If you have any questions about the UHDS Grounds Use request process, please contact the UHDS Landscape Supervisor. More information about the Campus Grounds Use process can be found here.