University Catering is available to provide full service catering to the events held on or within an OSU property.

Your event is important to us so we strive to provide you with consistent, excellent service by following these standards:

  • Every event is set at least 15 minutes ahead of your start time.
  • We provide 1 server for every 25 people for a served dinner.
  • We provide 3 servers for every 75 -100 guests at a reception.
  • We require 2 bartenders for every 100 guests for a beer and wine bar.
  • Breakfast and lunch buffets include one and a half hours of service time.
  • Dinner buffets include two hours of service time.

Menu Selection

Please call 541-737-1600 or e-mail for help designing a menu for your event. Menus chosen less than 14 days in advance are subject to availability.

Guaranteed Numbers

To provide the highest quality service, we ask that you provide a guaranteed number of guests who will be served at the event.

The guaranteed number must be finalized with our office three business days prior to the event. An earlier date will be required for groups with more than 100 guests or with special menus. Charges will be based on the guaranteed number or actual number served, whichever is greater. Any number increase within the three business days will be subject to a 10% price increase.

Due to food safety issues, all leftover foods remain the property of University Catering and may not be taken from the event. We make every effort to donate leftover foods to the Linn Benton Food Share.

Athletics Buildings

University Catering cannot cater in Athletics buildings without prior approval. Please talk to our event planners for details.

Off Campus Events

In order for University Catering to cater your off campus event, your group must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are an OSU Department, College, student group or other campus entity
  • You are making payment using an OSU Index number or JV
  • You are making payment using an OSU Foundation account
  • Your event is sponsored by an OSU campus entity
  • Your group’s activities are based on campus and part of your event involves food service at an offsite location.

Service Costs

Catering prices for breakfasts and lunches are based on a service time of one hour and thirty minutes. Dinners and receptions are based on two hours of service. We are happy to extend the service time for an additional charge of $20 per hour per server. The number of servers depends on the type of service required at the event and is determined by University Catering.


Cancellations will be accepted as late as 5 p.m. three business days prior to the event. Any cancelations received after 5 p.m. three business days before the event may be charged 80% of the contract amount. Additionally, any cancelations received after 5 p.m. two days prior to the event may be charged 100% of the contract amount.

Minimum Charges & Delivery Fees

For events scheduled at campus facilities, the minimum order is $25 plus a $15 delivery fee, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. For events starting or ending at or later than 6 p.m. during the week the minimum order is $50 plus the $15 delivery fee. On weekends and official holidays there is a $75 minimum and a $25 delivery fee.

Placing an Order within Three Business Days of Event Date

For events placed within three business days of the event, there will be an additional fee of 10% of the total bill charged to your order or $20, whichever is greater.

Miscellaneous Services

Compostable products are included with the listed menu price (please contact Campus Recycling for your composting and recycling needs at 541-737-2856).

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide serving tables. University Catering will provide linen tablecloths for the buffet serving tables.

If tablecloths are desired for seating tables there will be additional charges.

If the customer needs assistance in acquiring tables contact us at 541-737-1600, and one of our customer service representatives can help.

The room or facility must be unlocked 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

The replacement value for any lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the customer and will be included within the final bill.

An additional delivery fee will be incurred if University Catering must make an unscheduled return trip due to locked rooms, meetings running late, or for any other reason.

Facility Charges

Events scheduled at the Memorial Union, Marketplace West Dining Center or McNary Dining Center will incur an additional 5% facility fee on all food and beverage.

Events scheduled at the La Sells Stewart Center will incur an additional 7% facility fee on all food and beverage.

Events scheduled at CH2M Hill Alumni Center will incur an additional 10% facility fee on all food and beverage.

Alcohol Policies

Oregon State University Catering provides high quality food and professional service to all of our customers.Food is our number one focus; however beer and wine are served to complement the menu items chosen by our customers.

Alcohol is served in a responsible manner by trained and knowledgeable staff. University Catering values a safe and responsible atmosphere where customers may choose to consume beer and wine. We offer a variety of microbrews and a selection of Oregon wines. Glassware is available for an additional charge.

The following requirements must be met for University Catering to provide alcohol service:

  • Only beer and wine will be served. No hard alcohol.
  • For university functions, or events held on the OSU campus, the client must register the event with Risk Management at least three weeks prior to the event. If help is desired with this process please contact University Catering within the set timeframe.
  • University Catering reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to any person.
  • Food must be included in all alcohol orders. The Catering Manager must approve the menu and quantity of both food and alcohol.
  • Alcohol will not be available until food is served.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages will be available for guests at all times during the event.
  • Alcohol service will end 30 minutes prior to the conclusion of the event.
  • Alcohol consumption is limited to the immediate premises where alcohol is being served.
  • University Catering charges a $50 fee for the OLCC license and includes all required alcohol service forms.

Hosted Bars: The client pays for all beverages for the duration of the event. All the beverages are billed by a consumption basis. Bartenders will be charged at $25 per hour per server.

The client has the option of supplying their own beer or wine and will be charged $25 per server per hour for length of their event, as well as a corking fee based on consumption.

Alcohol must be delivered to University Catering at least the day prior to the event and will be returned (at earliest) the day following the event. Please work with University Catering to establish proper delivery and pick up times.

No-Host / Cash Bar: Guests purchase beverages at a no host bar. There is a $50 per hour minimum revenue requirement per each 50 guests. If the minimum requirement is not fulfilled, the client will be charged the difference. For cash bars, University Catering must supply the alcohol for sale.

Service Fees

Served buffets can be arranged and are recommended for larger events or multiple entrée choices.

  • Table side service for meals is $ 2.00 per guaranteed person.
  • Extended service (including additional setup, cleanup, or extended event labor) will be billed at $20.00 per hour
  • Cake cutting fee is $0.50 per guest for an outside venders cake (minimum 50 guests).
  • Corking fees are $5 for each bottle of wine, $1 for each bottle of beer, and $25 for each keg.
  • Oregon State University Catering does not charge any type of gratuity.
  • China: based on number of table settings required. These charges are for University Catering china. If a different china pattern is desired other charges may incur.
    • Breakfast: $ 2.75 per person
    • Lunch: $ 2.75 per person
    • Dinner: $ 3.00 per person
    • Reception: $ 1.75 per person
    • Bar glassware: $ .50 cents per person
    • Bamboo: $ .75 cents per person
    • Reflections Plastic Silverware: $ .25 cents per person
  • Tables: $10.00 each
  • Linen table cloths: $ 7.00 each
  • Linen napkins $ 1.00 each

We can work with several local vendors to assist you with your equipment, floral, and various rental needs.

NOTE: Selections and prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm pricing prior to event.