Our vision

University Housing and Dining Services will provide a transformative on-campus experience that will ENGAGE our students in community, ENRICH their lives, and help them flourish and THRIVE.

We value...

Trust and Respect

  • We honor every role and every person.

Inclusive Community

  • We embrace a diverse collection of identities, thoughts, perspectives, beliefs, ideals, and lived experiences.

Shared Leadership

  • "We" and "Our" replace "I" and "My." We value teamwork and collectivism, and honor the contributions students and staff make in our organization.

Interdependent Relationships

  • We recognize the interdependency of our work, and pursue lasting relationships that create possibility.

Creativity and Innovation

  • We pursue innovation and contribute to the advancement of our programs that serve to promote student success.


  • We hold ourselves responsible to operate with our past and current resources, to ensure our best possible future.