Halsell Hall

Halsell Hall is reserved for students who are in their second year or beyond, and offers apartment-style suites.

  • Each suite includes a kitchenette and living room in addition to several bedrooms and semi-private bathrooms.
  • Single, double and triple rooms within suites are available.
  • Halsell is located on the south side of campus, near Reser Stadium, Gill Coliseum, and Dixon Recreation Center.

Take a 360 video tour of a Halsell Hall suite.


Bloss Hall

Starting in fall 2019, Bloss Hall will be for second-year and above, transfer, and graduate students.

  • Bloss offers suite-style double rooms and some suite-style single rooms, where two rooms share a semi-private bathroom between the rooms.
  • All Bloss bedrooms have a vanity and sink within the room.
  • Bloss is located on the south side of campus, near Reser Stadium, Gill Coliseum, and Dixon Recreation Center.

Check out a 360 video tour of a Bloss Hall bedroom within a suite.


Poling Hall, 1st Floor

Second-year and above students in Poling live on a recently renovated wing of the first floor, with updated flooring, paint, window coverings, and bathrooms.

  • The first floor of Poling offers single rooms, double rooms and single-user bathrooms.
  • A cohort of second-year and above business students will call the first floor of Poling home. Non-business students are also eligible to apply.
  • Poling is located on the west side of campus, near many academic buildings, Dixon Recreation Center, and the student intramural fields.

Check out a 360 video tour of a Poling Hall double room.


Hawley & Buxton Halls, 1st floor rooms or upper floor suites

The entire first floor of Hawley & Buxton halls is reserved for second-year and above students.

  • Remodeled in 2017, the first floor features a large updated kitchen, large lounges, single-user bathrooms, and other amenities.
  • Take advantage of in-hall programs aimed at second-year engineering students, such as assistance in applying to Pro School.
  • Corner suites on upper floors of the building feature a semi-private bathroom and three adjacent bedrooms (two double rooms and one triple room).
  • Current Hawley & Buxton residents, as well as second-year and above engineering students and their majors, receive priority for placement.

Take a 360 video tour of a sample Buxton Hall triple room.

Tebeau Hall, 1st floor

Tebeau Hall has spacious lounges and kitchens on every floor of the building and has entirely suite-style housing.

  • It offers three-bedroom suites that share a semi-private bathroom, plus extra cupboard space and an included microfridge (a combination microwave/mini-fridge appliance).
  • Tebeau is located on the east side of campus, close to the Valley Library, and houses a branch Student Health Services office on the first floor.

Take a 360 video tour of a bedroom within the Tebeau Hall suites.


Sackett Hall, B wing and first floor G wing

Sackett Hall rooms offer unique features like walk-in closets and a sleeping porch, allowing separation between the living area and the sleeping area.

  • Sackett is located on the west side of campus, near the LiNC classroom building and many other academic buildings.
  • B wing is open to any second-year and above students; the first floor of G wing will be home to a community for second-year and above Honors students and their roommates.

Take a 360 video tour of a Sackett Hall double room with a sleeping porch.


International Living-Learning Center, 4th Floor North Wing

The International Living-Learning Center on the south side of campus has multiple lounge spaces and kitchens on every floor. All rooms have semi-private bathrooms.

  • The ILLC offers suite-style double and triple room options, with a semi-private bathroom shared between two rooms.
  • The building has large shared kitchens on each floor. Peet's Coffee and Cascadia Market are located on the ground floor.

Take a 360 video tour of an ILLC double room.


Cauthorn Hall, 1st floor

Cauthorn Hall's first floor is dedicated to second year and above students.

  • Cauthorn offers traditional double rooms as well as economy triples, the most economical living option on campus.
  • Cauthorn is on the west side of campus, near to many academic buildings, the Memorial Union, and Dixon Recreation Center.

Take a 360 video tour of a Cauthorn Hall double room.

Other halls

Second year and above students receive first choice of housing location and can live in any residence hall on campus, although placements cannot be guaranteed.

  • Students who wish to live in halls without a second year and above community can contact our housing staff for room placement.
  • Housing staff can be reached at housing@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4771.

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