Ready to select your room?

Current OSU students: Read below for our guide to selecting your on-campus living space in our second-year and above communities.

Not a current student? Students who will attend Oregon State for the first time in Fall 2021 should refer to our application information for details on room assignments for first-year students.

1. Check your room selection time frame

All current students who apply for 2021-22 housing by April 5, 2021 are responsible for selecting their own room for next year.

Students may select their own room in any of our designated second-year and above communities. If you would like an on-campus room in a hall that is not a designated second-year and above community, contact our office for individual assistance.

If you applied by April 5, 2021, you will receive an email from on April 15, 2021 with your selection date and time. Your selection time frame will occur between April 20-April 30, 2021.

There are three room selection periods for current OSU students. You may be eligible to participate in more than one selection process:

  • Current Students: General Room Selection
  • Current Students: Honors College in Sackett Hall
  • Current Students: Second-Year and Above Engineering Community in Hawley & Buxton halls

Priority selection times are based on the following criteria:

  • When you completed your 2021 housing application.
  • Whether or not you attended our Housing Kickoff event on Feb 2.
  • Hall-specific eligibility criteria.

You may select your room at any time after your start date and time until the selection period ends. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of any type of space if you delay your selection.

To see your start time, login to MyUHDS and select “Apply Now!” All the room selection processes for which you are eligible will be listed including: a description of buildings/communities supported in that process, the overall start and end time for that room selection process, and your specific start time for selecting a room.


2. Sign your contract

Before you can select a room, you must sign a 2021-22 Room & Dining Contract in MyUHDS. The contract will be available for students sign beginning April 6, 2021.


3. Decide who will select your room

Only one student from a roommate/suitemate group will select a room for the entire group.

We advise checking in with all confirmed roommates and deciding now who will be selecting a space for everyone -- the person who has the earliest priority for selecting a space is probably a good person to make the selection. This person will also assign roommates to the rooms within the suite.

If you are participating in the Honors College selection period or the College of Engineering selection period, your roommates/suitemates must be also be eligible for those selection periods.


4. Make sure you have the right number of suitemates

Students who have enough confirmed suitemates to completely fill a suite get first priority for selecting a space in any apartment- or suite-style option (Halsell and Tebeau). Use My College Roomie from Feb. 15-April 6 to find other OSU students to live with.

From April 20-21, 2021 you must fill a suite to select a room. In order to fill a suite, you must have the correct number of roommates/suitemates confirmed through the My College Roomie program before April 6, 2020.

  • Most four-bedroom suites in Halsell Hall have a capacity of five people: three single-person bedrooms, and one double (two-person) bedroom.
  • Most two-bedroom suites in Halsell Hall have a capacity of four people: one double (two-person) bedroom, and one triple bedroom (for the 2021-22 year, triple rooms will not be filled to capacity, but will house only two people)
  • Most suites in Tebeau Hall have a capacity of six people.

After 9 a.m. on April 22, 2021, students without the correct number of suitemates will be able to select any remaining spaces in apartment-style and suite-style housing.


5. Receive confirmation

Once you have selected a room (or one has been selected for you by a roommate), you will receive an email confirmation. You will not be able to change this selected room until we open up a room change process later in spring term 2021.

Please note that if you choose to change your room assignment, you will break any confirmed roommate relationships. This means that your room assignment will change, but the roommates and suitemates you confirmed will not change rooms unless they also log in to request a room change.


6. Final Details

All current OSU students are encouraged to live in the communities we have set aside for second-year and above students. If you would like to inquire about options outside of these communities, please contact us, and housing staff will follow up soon with more information.

The cancellation deadline for returning students is Friday, May 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm. Cancellations must be received by this deadline to be considered valid. Submit a cancellation via MyUHDS.

Any cancellation received after May 15 will be subject to our cancellation fees, which are listed on page 2 of your contract.