Residence Halls

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A Farm to Table story: Beaver Classic™ Cheese

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Weather Alert

Residence halls will remain OPEN for residents during Oregon State University's closure of the Corvallis campus on Monday, January 9, 2017.

Monday was the scheduled first day of classes for Winter Term at Oregon State. The closure was due to continuing unsafe travel conditions throughout much of Oregon. University officials will assess weather and related travel conditions mid-morning on Monday to determine whether any changes to campus operations will occur on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Check for campus closure updates.

A limited number of UHDS staff will be onsite tomorrow and meal service will be on an adjusted schedule. Dining center hours will be posted online at

Service center hours will be posted online at

As always, exercise caution during extreme weather conditions to ensure your personal safety.

Campus Weather Closure and Dining Updates

OSU is operating on a two-hour delay for Friday, Dec. 16, 2016. UHDS will continue to provide meal service at Southside Station at Arnold Dining Center during this delay. Check for updated hours of operation for UHDS restaurants and cafes.