About the Inter-Hall Challenge

The Inter-Hall Challenge is a programmatic competitionaimed at building community and fostering a sense of hall pride, through friendly competition in our residential communities.

Through collaboration with campus partners and organizations, the IHC includes a wide vareity of events across campus. The competition is aimed at promoting students' sense of belonging and connectedness to Oreon State University and their identity as a resident of Beaver Nation. It also encourages students to get involved in campus life, and experience all that living in the heart of Beaver Nation has to offer.

It's easy—when you attend an Inter-Hall Challenge Event, your hall earns points. At the end of the quarter, the hall with the most points wins a prize!

How it works:

  • Halls earn points through resident attendance at various programs selected for the challenge.
  • Inter-hall Challenge programs and events are announced at the beginning of each term.
  • Every quarter, the halls with the highest percentage of points wins a prize.

Campus residents can stay informed about the latest Inter-Hall Challenge events and updates through their hall Facebook pages, or by talking to residence hall staff.


The Inter-Hall Challenge is sponsored by the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Residence Hall Association, and University Housing & Dining Services. For more information about the Inter-Hall Challenge, contact the Community Leadership and Development Program.