Students seeking balance and meaning can find a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in self-exploration when they join the Mindfulness Living-Learning Community. Students in the community will develop a personal practice of mindfulness and grow in relationships with others through experiences that cultivate compassion, empathy, and empowerment.

Students in the Mindfulness LLC will also participate in a 2-credit fall course taught by Dr. John Edwards, Chair of the School of Psychological Sciences, and a 1-credit spring Physical Activity Course taught by CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) staff.

While the Mindfulness Living-Learning Community explores spiritual practices, it is not a religious community and no religious affiliation is expected or required of residents. The Mindfulness LLC is for students from all spiritual backgrounds, and the activities offered are based on nonsectarian practices. The community welcomes atheists, agnostics, and students from any faith tradition who are interested in finding balance and meaning, strengthening the mind, and building resilience.

Community Programs

What does growing a personal practice of mindfulness look like? Students in this community will join together in monthly programs that help strengthen the mind and build resilience. That might mean yoga and meditation, or it might mean watching a film that sparks a thoughtful discussion. Students will have the opportunity to participate in group activities outside the hall as well, such as creating art, participating in service learning and going on outdoor excursions together.

Building Details

  • Located in McNary Hall on the east side of campus, adjacent to McNary Dining Center
  • Five floors, approximately 350 students
  • Double rooms, triple rooms, and a limited number of single and quad rooms available.