The Earth2OSU Floor

photo credit: Dudley Chelton

Are you interested in helping to sustain a healthy planet and healthy people? Do you want to inspire solutions toward more resilient communities and ecosystems? If so, consider joining Earth2OSU (E2O), a vibrant living-learning community open to all students in all majors who are passionate about the health and welfare of our home – planet earth.

If you care about our planet – whether through advocacy, activism, personal choice or professional pursuit – E2O is an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded students and make a difference on campus and in the community.

Goals of the E2O Floor
  • Build community and networks of support
  • Connect with resources around sustainability & environmental activism
  • Create opportunities to discuss environmental issues and challenges, share solutions-based approaches to earth and planet health, and inspire others to make a difference
Benefits of the E2O Floor
  • Finding your people – living with like-minded students*
  • Just-in-time registration advising and assistance on-site
  • Timely and topical movie screenings
  • Workshops that come to you
  • Relevant club showcasing

*Earth2OSU is organized by the College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, but is open to students from any major and any college.