Frequently Asked Questions

What are benefits of living in a triple room?

Triples are the most economical option in our room inventory. Along with the reduced cost, students still have full access to all UHDS amenities and services. One study found that statistically, students living in economy triples have been shown to have lower stress and anxiety levels than those of their peers. (Clark, E. A., Jackson, S., & Everart, D. (2012). Residential density: The effects of tripling college students. Journal of College Student Development. 53(3). pp. 477-481. doi: 10.1353/csd.2012.0037)

Are these permanent rooms?

With the large increase in demand and enrollment we are adding these economy triples permanently to our room inventory. Students assigned to the space will be assigned for the entire academic year.

What does an economy triple look like?

A picture of a economy triple in Cauthorn is shown below. Please our video page to view digital renderings of room fly-throughs.

Where can I study?

Every room will be provided a desk to create a personal study space in your room. If you prefer not to study in your room there are study lounges on every floor within the residence halls.

Additional study spaces can be found at many locations on campus.

Where are converted triples located?

  • Poling
  • Cauthorn
  • McNary
  • Wilson

See the complete list of converted triples.

What is the cost?

The price of an economy triple is less than a standard triple room. The cost can be found on our rate sheet along with all of our UHDS housing options.

Room & Building Amenities

  • Microfridge included in converted triples
  • 1 lofted bed and 2 bunked beds
  • Custom wardrobes (for each student)
  • Desk and chair (for each student)
  • Movable furniture
  • Close proximity to dining facilities

room dimensions

What Not to Bring

  • Multiple TVs
  • Microwave
  • Small appliances with open heating elements
  • Extra Microfridge - we will be providing the room with a microfridge

Can I request a room change?

We are currently utilizing all of our available space on campus. Over the summer, students can request to be added to the waitlist by sending an email from their ONID account to The request must include the student’s full name, student ID number, and updated living preference(s). We will do our best to accommodate the waitlist request, but our first priority is ensuring that all students receive a housing assignment on campus. After the start of the academic year, students who wish to request a room change will need to contact their Resident Director to discuss potential options.

More photos of economy triple rooms

converted triple

converted triple

converted triple

converted triple


Please note: Converted triple room does not include small dressers.