Below are a variety of documents to help you in your planning. These documents are for Summer 2024. All of the documents will open as PDFs.

  • Residential Conferences Rate Sheet – Our 2024 Rate Sheet, which includes housing, linen, and dining rates, as well as discounts available.
  • Residential Conferences Timeline and Deadlines – Detailed list of our deadlines, conference reservation timeline, preparation, and wrap-up processes.
  • Follow-up Meeting Topics - List of topics we will discuss at our follow-up meeting. The follow-up meeting is scheduled after we receive your reservation.
  • OSU Youth Programs Policies and Guidelines – This is a guide from OSU's Precollege Programs office. Those conferences that are officially affiliated with OSU must follow these guidelines. For non-OSU groups, this may provide helpful information and context about OSU’s expectations and policies related to youth groups on campus.


We highly recommend a ratio of youth to staff/chaperons of 8:1. Chaperons and staff are expected to be present whenever youth are in the dining centers or residence halls and help maintain the safety and security of all people and property. All chaperons and staff will need to identified on the roster you provide to UHDS. Also, at the beginning of your stay, our staff will request to meet with your chaperons and staff to go over safety and emergency procedures, as well as provide information about UHDS policies and how to contact our staff when needed.

Smoking Policy

Oregon State is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Corvallis campus (OAR Chapter 576, Division 040). Read more about the policy.

Unforeseen facility maintenance and emergencies

Due to the unpredictable needs for summer facility maintenance, upgrades, and cleaning, your actual assignment to specific housing and dining facilities may change after we confirm your reservation and prior to your arrival. In addition, unforeseen building maintenance repairs or emergencies may necessitate our changing hall assignments on short notice. This rarely happens and we do our best to accommodate you in the building that will best suit your needs.

Assigning space to conferences

We assign your group to a residence hall and dining space based on the following criteria:

  • Size of the group
  • The type of housing and meal plans selected
  • Building preference (whenever feasible)
  • The needs of all the groups requesting conference arrangements during the same period of time.

Accommodation requests

To best meet the needs of all participants (and help our staff with guest preparations), we recommend that you request information from your participants about needs listed below:

  • Wheelchair accessible lodging
  • Cooling unit for medication or medical supplies requiring refrigeration
  • Assistive devices (specify types)
  • Special meals due to food allergies or digestive disorders
  • Sign language interpreter
  • FM amplification system (specify type)
  • Audio-taped materials
  • Sighted guides for assistance to and from specific sessions
  • Transportation to and from specific sessions
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Other medical or mobility needs

Please inform us of any accommodations pertaining to the medical or mobility situation needed during your group’s stay. Whenever possible, we ask these request be made at least three weeks in advance. We will do our best to meet a guest’s needs inside of that window, though.