Voting body: RHA President, NRHH Director, NCC, AFO, CoSJP, CoMaSP

Quorm: 4 voting members, plus 1 UHDS Adviser

Full membership:voting members, UHDS Advisers, CRFs, ALAs, and the CLDPA.

Open meeting unless the recall of an officer is being discussed

Duties and powers:

Any business presented to GA or PC is first approved by EC. During the Summer the EC may assume powers necessary to preserve functionality of RHA and its constituencies. These summer changes may be amended by a ⅔ majority in PC come fall.




Voting body:NRHH Director, a president and 3 other representatives from each hall(a person may only represent one position in GA)

Quorm:⅔ voting members and 1 UHDS Avider

Full membership:all voting members, UHDS Advisers, and remaining members of EC

Duties and powers: GA can initiate policies and programs for HCs and RHA and dispenses funds as it deems necessary

Meetings are open unless discussing recall or appointment of an officer



Voting body:One President from each hall and NRHH Director

Quorm:⅔ voting members and 1 UHDS Adviser

Full membership: Voting members, the remaining EC, PC Committee Chairs, and appointed and elected representatives to all University generated committees.

Duties and powers: PC is vested with all fiscal and legislative powers. Shall initiate policies and programs for HCs and the RHA it deems necessary to carry out its responsibilities. PC must approve the RHA budget and any changes it has.

Meetings are open unless considering appointment, appeal, or recall of an officer.



Voting body:1 or 2 ACs from each hall

Quorm:at least 1 AC from ⅔ of the HCs and 1 UHDS Adviser

Full membership:HC ACs, EC, and Executive Assistants appointed by EC

Duties and powers: RPB is here to support programming of the CoPs and to build community in the halls. They can dispense funds from the Interhall and Multi Cultural line items.

All meetings are open




RHA defines meeting as a regular gathering of one of the four governing councils of the organization. Those governing councils are Executive Council (EC), President’s Council (PC), Residential Programming Board (RPB), and General Assembly (GA). Each council has different duties and powers, as well as different compositions. The unity is that each council has a chair, quorum is ⅔ voting members and a UHDS Adviser, and its full membership is larger than its voting membership. It should also be noted that RHA has many regular committees that are important to its function, but are not meetings. These will be addressed after the meetings.


First, EC’s voting body is made up of the RHA Officers. The remaining members are the UHDS Advisers, CRFs, ALAs, and the CLDPA. The duties of EC are to decide if people or information should be presented to GA and PC. During the year EC has no power, but during the summer EC can assume the power of any other body so long as it is necessary to preserve the functionality of RHA. Meetings are open unless there is discussion of recall of an Officer.


Next, GA has a voting body made up of the NRHH director, the president of each hall and 3 more representatives. Full membership includes the voting members and the members of EC. GA’s duties are to initiate programs and policies to HCs and RHA. GA has the power to dispense funds from all budget lines. Meetings are open unless they are discussing the recall or appointment of an Officer.