During the summer months, University Housing & Dining Services hosts 90+ groups and over 12,000 guests as part of our Residential Conferences and Scholar Housing programs. Our outstanding student staff are a key part of our success. Our Residential Conferences and Scholar Housing student staff work hard to ensure our guests have a positive experience during their stay, while also preparing for our residents' arrival in September. Our management team is committed to helping each member of our student staff has a positive experience while they learn, grow, and succeed in their position.

Before applying, please review the position descriptions and hiring timelines below for more information about each position, compensation, and training requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Position Descriptions

Residential Conferences

Residential Conferences Specialist (formerly Conference Building Manager)
(Five positions available)

Residential Conferences Assistant (formerly Conference Building Assistant)
(Twelve positions available)

Scholar Housing

Scholar Housing Manager
(Not available for Summer 2018 and 2018-2019 Academic Year)

Scholar Housing Assistant
(One position available)

Training dates and other important dates

  • Spring training: All successful candidates are required to attend Spring training on June 1-3, 2018. Residential Conferences Specialists will also be required to attending training May 20-21, 2018.
  • Start date: Sunday, June 17, 2018
  • Special Olympics: OSU will be hosting the Special Olympics Oregon Summer Games July 13-15, 2018. Due to the size and scope of hosting this group in our halls and dining centers, all staff must plan to work July 12-15, 2018.

Qualities and skill-building

Because of the variety of work, we are looking for people who are flexible, want to provide excellent customer service, have a positive attitude and strong work ethic, are good problem solvers, and excited to be part of a team. Our student staff learn a lot over the course of the summer. Their job duties help improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills, provide opportunities to work with and learn from a variety of people, deepen their customer service skills, and increase their capacity to accomplish challenging and/or complex tasks.

Day in the life

Prospective staff often ask us what a normal day is like for our Residential Conferences and Scholar Housing staff. As many former staff members will tell you: it depends on the day! That said, we find it helpful to think of the main job responsibilities as they relate to our guests’ stay with us. Your days (and some nights) will be filled with preparing for our guests’ arrival, welcoming them to campus, assisting them during their stay, and processing their departure. This work will be split between two types of work days: task days and duty (or on-call) days.

On task days, you will spend much of the day with your colleagues completing a variety of tasks. You will spend time inspecting rooms for cleanliness and damages, distributing linen packs and/or making guests' beds, and ensuring all of the common spaces in the building are clean and presentable prior to their arrival. Most conference staff work three to five conference group arrivals per week on their task days, welcoming guests and checking them into their room. These groups range in size from 20 to over 500. Scholar Housing staff generally greet 20 to 50 scholars per week. When guests depart, you collect their keys and inspect their rooms to ensure they didn’t damage anything or leave behind any items. The process then starts over again, as we prepare rooms and buildings for the next conference group or scholar.

Residential Conferences staff are on-call one to three days per week (duty days), where they hold a UHDS cell phone that conference guests and scholars call if they need assistance. When you are on-call, you also complete nightly inspections of one to four buildings, checking for maintenance, safety, and/or guest issues throughout the buildings. You may also staff a front desk at a hall during a meal time or in the evening, answering guests’ questions or checking out UHDS equipment for them to use.

While the Residential Conferences Specialists and Scholar Housing Manager will work with the rest of the staff with everything listed above, they will be spending a portion of their time on administrative tasks and directing the work of the assistants. They will be in regular contact with conference groups and scholars, respectively, and updating everyone working with the groups and scholars on important details. Residential Conferences Specialists and Scholar Housing Managers also work with the professional staff within Residential Conferences and Scholar Housing to schedule and assign work for the entire student staff.

One day can contain almost every aspect of the job listed here. And some days, you'll be spending most of your day inspecting rooms and distributing linen. It just depends. If you have any questions about this, please email us at We are happy to share more!

Hiring Timelines

Residential Conferences Specialists

  • January 19: Application available
  • February 14: Applications due
  • February 26 - March 2: Interviews
  • March 5: Offers made, pending successful completion of background check
  • March 12: Offers must be accepted or declined by 12pm.
  • March 14: Background check paperwork due to Activities and Auxilarlies Business Center

Residential Conferences Assistants and Scholar Housing Assistant

  • January 29: Application available
  • March 7: Applications due
  • March 12-16: Interviews
  • March 23: Offers made, pending successful completion of background check
  • April 2: Offers must be accepted or declined by 12pm.
  • April 4: Background check paperwork due to Activities and Auxilarlies Business Center


Application Materials

Before you begin filling out the application, please make sure you have all of the application materials needed. Only complete applications will be considered. Questions about your application status should be directed to Before contacting us, please check to see if the answer to your question can be found on this webpage or in the position descriptions. We recommend utilizing the many resources provided by Career Services if you need assistance with your application materials. 

  1. Resumé. You will need to have an up-to-date resume for your application.  Please make sure to upload your resume as a PDF file.
  2. Cover letter. In your cover letter, please address how your skills and experience have prepared you to be successful in the position. If applying for several positions, please address your qualifications related to each role in your cover letter.
  3. References. You will need to provide the names and contact information for two professional references. Your references must be able to comment on your abilities and skills as an employee, but they do not need to be former employers. For example, you may volunteer regularly with an organization and the volunteer coordinator may be able to provide information about your dependability, work ethic, and other skills.

Go to to apply.

We look forward to reviewing your application. Thank you for applying!