The Housing Assignments staff at Oregon State University (OSU) are committed to providing a world-class assignments and roommate matching process that will allow students to engage, enrich, and thrive. We understand that the transition to college can be very emotional for students and their families, and our staff are here to support you through the process.

To help you understand how our room assignment process works for new students coming to OSU in the fall, we have put together some frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions about Room Assignments


1. Who is eligible to select their own room?

New OSU students who are part of a Living-Learning Community (LLC) and complete the housing application by May 1 are eligible to select a room in the LLC they are either admitted to or a part of during the online room selection process June 1-16, 2017. The communities that are eligible for self-selection are:

  • Honors College students in West and Sackett Halls (begins June 1st)
  • Pre-Business students in Poling and Weatherford Halls (begins June 5th)
  • Health and Well-Being students in McNary Hall (begins June 8th)
  • College of Engineering students in Buxton and Hawley Halls (begins June 12th)
  • Adventure students on the 2nd floor of Finley Hall (begins June 14th)
  • Explore on the 4th floor of Callahan Hall (begins June 14th)
  • Global Village on the 5th floor of the International Living-Learning Center (begins June 14th)
  • Mindfulness on the 2nd floor of McNary Hall (begins June 14th)


2. If I am eligible to select a room, am I guaranteed a space in that community?

We have a finite number of beds in each building/community and cannot guarantee you will receive a space in the community. We do, however, work with students all summer long to get into communities they prefer, and prioritize students who are part of an LLC when making assignment changes to buildings with an LLC.


3. What if I want to pick a room in a community outside an LLC?

We only allow students to self-select rooms in LLC communities. If you are not required to live in a specific community, and would like to live in another community not part of an LLC, you can wait to be assigned by the Housing Assignments staff. See question #7 for how room assignments work for students who do not select their own room.


4. What if my roommate and I are not eligible for the same LLC?

You may need to decide what is most important to you: living with your preferred roommate or living in a particular LLC. Please feel free to contact our office if you have more questions about this.


5. What happens if I didn’t select a roommate?

If you are eligible to select your own room, you will be able to see a limited number of spaces available in your community including the option to live with an international roommate. If you are not eligible to select your own room (or choose not to do so) the Housing Assignments staff will assign you to a room based on the twelve roommate-matching profile questions you answered as part of the housing application, as well as your building preferences and application date.


6.How do I know for sure if I can select a room or not?

On the afternoon of May 19, 2017, all new students with housing applications will receive an email detailing the housing assignment process. When that email arrives, you may return to your housing application via MyUHDS to check your eligibility for room selection.


7. How do room assignments work for students who applied by May 1 but are not eligible to select a room?

After the online selection process ends, the Housing Assignments staff will begin making room assignments for other students who applied for housing by May 1st. The criteria used to make room assignments are:


8. I applied for housing after May 1. When will I be assigned a room?

The Housing Assignments staff make room assignments all summer long based on:


9. How will I know when I’ve been assigned a room?

We send emails to students’ University-issued email account when we make room assignments. Students who applied for housing by May 1st should receive an assignment by the beginning of July.


10. I applied for an exemption to live on campus. Should I still select a room?

If your exemption request is not yet approved, you should plan to live on campus. If you select a room, or are assigned a room, and then receive an approval for your exemption request, you will still need to contact the Housing Office to cancel your housing contract.


11. What if I don’t like my room assignment? What are my options?

Once we send official assignment notices in early July, we will open up a waitlist request process for students who would like to request a new assignment. The Housing Assignments team works all summer long to ensure that students are assigned to a living environment that will support their academic endeavors.


12. When do the residence halls open in the fall?

Move-in begins on Sunday, September 17, 2017. We will send more information over the summer that details the move-in process for students.


If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to your new home this September!