1. How can I select suitemates/roommates if I can’t participate in roommate matching? Don’t worry, this is still an option for you. You will want to identify one person to be the first to select a room, and then invite others to other available spaces within the room or suite. Anyone invited to a space will have 12 hours to confirm a room before it becomes available for selection again. Note: Only students with signed contracts for 2015-16 can be invited to spaces.

    2. What is the cancellation charge after May 15th, 2015? Equivalent of at least one term of housing. So if a student contracts for a large single in Halsell, they will be charged $3531.00.

    3. I am a current UHC student in West. Where can I live next year? The program in West is designed for first year students, so we encourage UHC students who want to return for the upcoming year to live in upper-division housing in Halsell. We even have a wing on the 4th floor where UHC students have priority for space (suites 403-408).

    4. What if I don’t select a room by April 25th? Current OSU students have first priority for rooms for 2015-16. That said, the April 25th deadline is strict because we shift focus at that time to our incoming new students who are required to live on campus. If you do not select a space by April 25th, we will not be able to provide you housing for 2015-16.

    5. I’m a transfer student coming in at a sophomore level and I want to live off-campus. How do I obtain an exemption from the Live-on Requirement? All new-to-OSU students must complete a housing application. After submitting the application a link will be available on the first page of the application to request an exemption to the Live-On Requirement.  You should promptly see an automatic exemption.  Please call us at 541-737-4771 if you do not receive an exemption acceptance as a sophomore-level transfer.

    6. I am a returning student and want to room with an incoming freshman/new student applicant. How do we make this request? Due to the eligibility requirements for new and returning students, we cannot guarantee this option. If you are a current student wanting to live with a new incoming student, you will need to work directly with our office on options once you have selected a room: 541-737-4771.

    7. Do I need a roommate to select a room?While we encourage all students to find a roommate (either someone they know if they are a current student, or someone they find via our Roommate Matching Network™ if they are a first year student), you do not need a roommate to select a room. The first person to select a room will be given the option to invite other students to all remaining spaces in the room via OSU ID or ONID username. Anyone invited to the room must meet all eligibility requirements for the room and will have 12 hours to confirm the space. After 12 hours, the available space or spaces within the room will open back up to general selection. Remember, current students are not able to access the Roommate Matching Network™ to find a roommate.

    8. Can I select a double-as-single? Unfortunately, we are not able to offer double-as-single rooms. If you select a double room, and do not have a roommate identified, you should expect to be assigned a roommate. The same applies to triple and quadruple rooms. We expect to be full in the fall, so you should expect to have the equivalent number of roommates as there are available beds in the room.

    9. What if I want to change rooms? Can I do that? Yes. Once you have selected a room you will be able to change rooms as often as you’d like during open room selection for your application type. Please note that your contract is for any space on campus, not a specific room, so you will not need to sign a new contract if you select a new room.

    10. I had a roommate but they vacated the space in the room. Can I find someone else to fill the open space in the room? Unfortunately, this is not an option. You will be informed via automatic email if your roommate leaves a space, and when someone else selects the space.

    11. I don’t see any spaces available in the building I want, what should I do? The best advice we can provide is not to panic. Space availability changes often, so we encourage you to select a room in another building, and come back and check on availability in your desired building often. If nothing becomes available during the online room selection process, we will maintain a waitlist of change requests over the summer after July 1, 2015. That still gives us almost three months to see if we can get you into your preferred building!

    12. I’m only 17, can I sign my contract electronically? Absolutely! If you are 17 years or older, you will sign the 2015-16 housing contract electronically. However, if you under the age of 17 you will be mailed a paper copy of the 2015-16 housing and dining contract to sign. A parent or guardian will have to cosign the contract with you.

    13. What happens if I miss room selection? Can I still live on campus? For current OSU students, you will need to select a room April 14-25, 2015 in order to secure placement on campus for 2015-16. For new students, if you miss the selection time period, you will be assigned a room based on availability after room selection ends on June 16th.


If you have any further questions or concerns about the Room Selection process, please contact the Housing office at (541) 737-4771 or by email at housing@oregonstate.edu.