housing selection


For Fall Applicants Only

Current students: To ensure a space with University Housing & Dining Services for the next academic year you must go through the housing selection process and select your own space by April 8th. If you want to select a double, triple, or quadruple room, you must first select your roommate(s) and then a space. Please note that current students who do not select their space will have their applications cancelled and will not be assigned housing for next year.

New students: For those choosing to live in the residence halls, students have the option to select a specific room and roommate(s) if you apply by May 30th. If you decide not to select a space during the housing selection process, we will attempt to place you and your roommate(s) together after Housing Selection ends on June 1st. We assign rooms based on the building preferences of the roommate with the earliest application completion date. It is important to make sure you and your intended roommate(s) have the same building preferences. Please apply at your earliest convenience once you are admitted to the university, and allow at least 48 business hours for us to process your application before attempting to select a space. The latest date to be eligible for room selection is May 30.

Steps to live with University Housing & Dining Services beginning Fall term:

  • Step 1: Apply
  • Step 2: Select Your Roommate(s) if applicable
  • Step 3: Select Your Space (Room/House)
  • Step 4: Sign Your Contract

Step 1: Apply

      To apply, visit


    and log in with your ONID username and password. From there, follow the link for the appropriate application for which you wish to apply.

Step 2: Select a Roommate

For Residence Halls

      If you would like to select a double, triple, or quadruple room, you will need to have the corresponding number of roommates (e.g., one roommate for a double, two roommates for a triple, and three for a quadruple respectively) secured through the Roommate Search on your application before selecting a fully open (empty) room. We do not allow students to select suitemates. Use the Roommate Matching Network ™ via the Roommate Search link on your completed application to help find a potential roommate

For Cooperative Houses
If you would like to live in a cooperative house, you will not select your room, but rather confirm a space within the facility. Actual room assignments will take place via the executive committee within the house over the summer. Roommate requests will be honored when possible.

Step 3: Select a Space


      International Roommate Option
      We have an additional opportunity for students to select to live with an international student who will be studying at Oregon State through the INTO-OSU program. Whether you are a domestic student or an international student, living with an international student in the INTO-OSU program is a great way to get to know someone from a country different than yours. If you do not have a roommate selected, you may opt to select a room that is half reserved for an INTO-OSU international student through this program. Please keep in mind that by selecting this option, you will not know who your roommate is until September.

      Gender Inclusive Housing
      If you would like to live in a mixed gender or gender inclusive suite in Halsell Hall, you will need to select the “gender inclusive” option on the building preferences page. Selecting this option allows you to choose open spaces in Halsell Hall that are gender inclusive if you are applying through the fall returning student application. You will know if a suite is gender inclusive because all of the available spaces will show up in green, or you can select a completely open suite if there is one available. If there is a specific roommate you would like to request as a part of gender inclusive housing, you can do so through the application by entering their OSU ID in the roommate search field. You can only select a roommate if you want to be in a double, not if you would like to be in single rooms within the same suite. Remember, both students will need to select a double room preference, gender inclusive housing, and complete their application before you can select them as a roommate.

For Residence Halls
Amongst your potential roommates, it is important to decide who will select your room. If you select the room first, the room will be held temporarily for your roommate for 48 hours. Your roommate(s) will be automatically emailed inviting them to confirm this room. If someone doesn’t confirm the room within 48 hours, that person will no longer be in the room, and that space will be available for another person. Furthermore, to honor the room choice of each resident, the roommate relationship will end with anyone who did not confirm the space. It’s important to communicate with your roommate(s) during this room selection period.

If you or one of your roommates decides to switch rooms, a similar email will be sent after one person selects the new room. Please note that the allotted time to confirm the new room is now 24 hours. If someone doesn’t confirm the room, that person will no longer be in the room, and that space will be available for another person. To honor the room choice made by those who confirmed the room, the roommate relationship will end with anyone who did not confirm the room.

For Cooperative Houses (Co-ops)
If you would like to live in a co-op you will go through the same application process as students who desire to live in the residence halls, but instead of selecting a room, you will reserve a space within the house. Before reserving a space, you will see how many spaces are available within that particular house. Room assignments for co-ops will take place through a unique bidding process after priority housing selection ends through each house with first year students being assigned after returners receive placement. Please note that roommates will be honored when you select a space within a co-op, so be sure there is enough open space to accommodate all of you.

Step 4: Sign Your Contract

You do not have a space secured until you have signed your contract. It is important to understand your contract before you sign it.

  • If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to sign the electronic contract to confirm your room, but will also receive a paper contract in the mail within two weeks that you and your parent/guardian must cosign and return to the UHDS office.
  • If you are 18+ years of age, once you have selected a space you must go to MyUHDS and sign your contract to confirm a space within UHDS. After you select a room, the next screen will be the contract confirmation page.

Please note our important Housing Selection dates and deadlines.