Wilson Hall - Oregon State University

Home of the Arts & Social Justice Living-Learning Community (6th floor - East), Wilson is a space for visual artists, performance artists, and creative writers to connect, engage, and inspire art in the interest of positive sustainable change. 

Update for 2017-2018

The Arts + Social Justice Living Learning Community is only available for the current academic year of 2016-2017, after that it will no longer be available.

Through the arts, we aim to engage multiple communities and to explore interpersonal and systemic issues of social justice to create spaces that will challenge paradigms and transform the lives of our residents, our campus community, and our world. In line with the goals of this community to explore, engage, and examine the world beyond traditional identity norms, this community will be Gender-Inclusive.  By choosing to be a part of this community, all participants agree to live in a gender-inclusive space which includes the shared use of a single-stall gender-inclusive bathroom, in addition to the separate men's and women's bathrooms on the floor.

This new community is open to all students of all majors.  Experience or expertise with art or social justice not required. Several classes are required for residents via the School of Language, Culture, and Society (SCLS).

Floors 2-5 and 6th Floor-West of Wilson are open to general housing selection

There is a resident director serving Wilson Hall, and two resident assistants (RAs) on each floor. Rooms are coed by neighbor with a men's and women's bathroom on each floor.

Wilson Hall houses approximately 350 students, and floors one through five are open to general room selection.

Wilson has singles, doubles and triples available.

Non-moveable furniture on floors two, three, five and six (Build your own loft kit only). Moveable furniture and rentable loft-kits available on fourth floor.

Starting Fall 2017, each hall will have a mix of gender-specific and non-gendered bathrooms.

Wilson Hall staff

Wilson Hall


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Break Housing - Free
Common Space/Lounge
Extra-Long Twin Mattress
Flooring - Vinyl Tile
Furniture - Wilson
High-Speed Internet
Kitchen - Small/Kitchenette
Kitchen Equipment for Checkout
Laundry Room - Free
Mail delivered to McNary Service Center (541-713-5114)
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Living-Learning Communities
Arts and Social Justice Living-Learning Community
Gender-Inclusive Living
Accessibility Options: 
Roll-In Shower in Each Bathroom
Select Rooms with ADA Strobes

Resident Director

Kevin Ngo
Phone 541-713-7044
  • M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Associate Director of ResEd

Drew Morgan
Phone 541-737-1686
  • M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Building Floor Plans:

Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - First Floor

Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - Second Floor Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - Third Floor Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - Fourth Floor Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - Fifth Floor Wilson Hall, Oregon State University - Sixth Floor