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Weatherford Hall is one of two homes to the College of Business Living-Learning Community (LLC) known as Innovation Nation, and 290 students interested in business, leadership, professional development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Weatherford is 5 floors with a Resident Director, eight Resident Assistants, a Community Relations Facilitator, and an Academic Learning Assistant. Weatherford is coed by neighbor, with men's and women's bathrooms throughout each floor.

Starting Fall 2017, each hall will have a mix of gender-specific and non-gendered bathrooms.

Weatherford Hall has a study intensive (quiet area) on the 4th floor. This is a Special Interest Community. Students on this floor will be required to sign an addendum to their housing contract related to conduct on the floor.

All freshmen pursuing a major with the College of Business will be required to live in Poling or Weatherford per the new College of Business academic requirement for the First Year Experience. Any past 2015-2016 residents will be allowed to return regardless of major.

First year College of Business students who wish to appeal this requirement and live in a different residential hall need to submit a written request (from the student, parents cannot submit due to University FERPA restrictions) to Vaerine Bauder with a subject heading of “Appeal to Innovation Nation Live-in Requirement.”

The Innovation Nation LLC consists of students who live in one of the two Business themed residence halls (Weatherford or Poling) and participate in academically, intellectually, and socially engaging learning activities designed specifically for them. Innovation Nation is designed to:
• Facilitate student interaction with faculty in both formal and informal settings
• Promote student-to-student interaction through collaborative learning and peer mentoring
• Promote a learning-centered, student-first culture
• Enable the large OSU campus environment to feel smaller, more supportive, and easier to navigate

As part of this Living Learning Community, students will have access to the following:
• Required courses taught in Weatherford and Poling Halls
• B-Engaged Fall course (BA160)
• The Innovation Nation (BA161/BA162) Course Series
• A high-tech Makerspace
• Cross-disciplinary project opportunities with the Engineering LLC
• Entrepreneurship Club
• 16XOSU Social Entrepreneurship Club
• The Austin Entrepreneurship Program
• Senior Executive and Entrepreneur Dinners, Coffees, and Fireside Chats
• Highly engaged faculty and peer mentors - all with an open door policy
• A cohort of motivated business students
Friday Symposiums
• Business themed events and activities
• Weekend adventure trips

Weatherford Hall staff

Weatherford Hall staff



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Beaver Movie Channel
Break Housing - Free
Common Space/Lounge
Extra-Long Twin Mattress
Flooring - Carpeted
Furniture - Modular
Furniture - Moveable
High-Speed Internet
Kitchen - Community
Kitchen - Large
Kitchen Equipment for Checkout
Laundry Room - Free
Mail delivered to Weatherford Service Center (541-713-5109)
Pac-12 Sports Channel
Austin Entrepreneurship Program Living-Learning Community
Study Intensive Wings
Accessibility Options: 
Accessible Room with Private Bathroom on Ground Floor
Large Kitchen Available for Resident Use
Rooms Available on Ground/First Floor
Select Rooms with Accessible Furniture
Select Rooms with ADA Strobes
Wheelchair Accessible Facilities

Assistant Director of ResEd

Jill Childress
Phone 541-737-8734
  • M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Resident Director

Dong Vo
Phone 541-713-5147
  • M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Building Floor Plans:

Weatherford Hall, Oregon State University - Ground Floor

Weatherford Hall, Oregon State University - First Floor Weatherford Hall, Oregon State University - Second Floor Weatherford Hall, Oregon State University - Third Floor Weatherford Hall, Oregon State University - Fourth Floor