Buxton Hall, Oregon State University

Buxton Hall houses 264 residents on five floors, and is part of the residence hall quad on the west side of campus. Buxton was renovated in 2000, and is connected to Hawley Hall. There is a full time Resident Director, as well as 13 Resident Assistants (RA), a Community Relations Facilitator (CRF), and an Academic Learning Assistant (ALA). 

Living-Learning Communities

The Engineering Living-Learning Community is housed in Buxton and Hawley Halls, and is open to all pre-engineering majors. The entire fifth floor of Buxton Hall is set aside for the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program.

The community for College of Engineering returning students is on the first floor of Hawley and Buxton Halls. This community is for sophomore and above students only. There are single, double, and triple options with single-use private bathrooms on the floor. 

New for Fall 2017

Beginning in Fall Term 2017, restroom configurations in all UHDS residence halls will include gender-inclusive restrooms as well as men’s and women’s restrooms.

Buxton Restroom Configurations for Fall 2017

Buxton Hall offers shared bathrooms that include sinks, toilets and showers, unless indicated otherwise below.


  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)

First floor, public area:

  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only)

First floor, residential area:  

  • two single-user gender-inclusive restrooms (toilet and sink only) 
  • three single-user gender-inclusive bathrooms (shower, toilet and sink)

Second floor:

  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom 
  • one multi-user men's bathroom 
  • two multi-user women's bathrooms

Third floor:

  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom
  • two multi-user men's bathrooms
  • one multi-user women's bathroom

Fourth floor:

  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom
  • one multi-user men's bathroom
  • two multi-user women's bathrooms

Fifth floor:

  • one multi-user gender-inclusive bathroom
  • three multi-user women's bathrooms

New: 360 Virtual Tour

Click here to watch a 360 video of Buxton Hall. Use your mouse or the YouTube app on your phone/tablet to look around.

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Beaver Movie Channel
Break Housing - Free
Common Space/Lounge
Extra-Long Twin Mattress
Flooring - Carpeted
Furniture - Modular
Furniture - Moveable
High-Speed Internet
Kitchen - Small/Kitchenette
Kitchen Equipment for Checkout
Laundry Room - Free
Mail delivered to West Service Center (541-713-5115)
Pac-12 Sports Channel
Engineering Living-Learning Community
Single Gender Wings
Accessibility Options: 
Large Kitchen Available for Resident Use
Roll-In Shower in Each Bathroom
Select Rooms with Accessible Furniture
Select Rooms with ADA Strobes
Wheelchair Accessible Facilities

Assistant Director of ResEd

ARD Chris Hushbanks
Phone 541-737-8856

Resident Director

Wiliama Sanchez - Resident Director, Buxton Hall
Phone 541-713-5136
  • M-F: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Building Floor Plans:

Buxton First Floor

Buxton Hall, Oregon State University - Second Floor Buxton Hall, Oregon State University - Third Floor Buxton Hall, Oregon State University - Fourth Floor Buxton Hall, Oregon State University - Fifth Floor