I heard you’re full. Is it too late to apply?

    While we are experiencing a large volume of applications for fall 2015, we anticipate being able to house every new OSU first-year student that applies for housing. We encourage all first-year students to apply for housing as soon as possible. The Assignments office will be working on assigning students throughout the summer months as space becomes available. 


    When can I select my space?

      Be sure to check out the UHDS Important Application Dates for detailed information as to when you are able to select your own space. Your completed housing application will also display your priority date for room selection. Current OSU students have April 6-May 31, 2015 to contract for 2015-16. New OSU students have June 1-June 30, 2015 to select spaces for 2015-16. After June 30, 2015, we will assign all new students who do not go through room selection.


        How do I go about finding a roommate?

          New incoming students are encouraged to utilize the Roommate Matching Network™ available via their housing application. More information on the Roommate Matching Network™ is available here. Returning students will be responsible for finding their own roommates and are not ableto access the Roommate Matching Network™.


            Do I need a roommate to select a room?

              While we encourage all students to find a roommate (either someone they know if they are a current student, or someone they find via our Roommate Matching Network™ if they are a first year student), you do not need a roommate to select a room. The first person to select a room will be given the option to invite other students to all remaining spaces in the room via OSU ID or ONID username. Anyone invited to the room must meet all eligibility requirements for the room and will have 12 hours to ensure they have completed an application for housing, are eligible for the space, and sign the contract. After 12 hours, the available space or spaces within the room will open back up to general selection. Remember, current students are not able to access the Roommate Matching Network™ to find a roommate.


                Can I select suitemates?

                  Yes! Selecting suitemates works the same way as inviting roommates. The first person to select a suite will have the option to invite other people into available spaces within the suite. Anyone invited will have 12 hours to ensure they have completed an application for housing, are eligible for the space, and sign the contract. After 12 hours, the available space or spaces within the suite will open back up to general selection.


                      What if I am the first person selecting a room, but I don’t have a roommate yet?

                        That’s completely fine! If you select a room and do not have a roommate identified, someone will select the available space in the room. You will be notified that someone has selected that space, and will be able to get in contact with your future roommate from there. You cannot hold space in a room if you do not have a roommate to invite.


                            How do I select a gender-inclusive suite in Halsell?

                              For current students, if you are selecting a room in Halsell, you will be asked if you want to be part of a gender-inclusive suite. If you are the first person to select a room within an open suite in Halsell, you will set the gender priority for that entire suite, so it is important to confirm priorities with all intended suitemates. New students indicate on their application whether they want to be part of a gender-inclusive suite, and will be able to select available spaces based on this preference. Please note that all of Halsell Hall is considered a Gender Inclusive Community, so all students contracting to live there will have to commit to being part of a gender-inclusive community, even if their suite is not gender-inclusive. If you are a new student who would like to be part of gender-inclusive housing, and do not meet the eligibility requirements for Halsell Hall (to be eligible you must meet at least one of the following criteria: be at least 20 years old, be a returning OSU student, or be admitted to OSU as a Transfer student), please contact the Assignments and Room Management Office for options: (541) 737-4771 or by email at Housing@oregonstate.edu.


                                  What if my roommate isn’t in the same eligibility time period as me for room selection? How do I go about inviting them into the room?

                                    If the student you want to live with does not have the same time period for room selection, you still have the opportunity to live together in a room (if they meet the eligibility requirements of the space). When the first person picks a room, they will have the opportunity to invite others to contract for the other spaces in the room/suite. An email is sent to each invitee with directions and a deadline time for the held space. Invitees have 12 hours to pick a held space once they are eligible to pick spaces, after which the space becomes open. For example, if you are a new OSU student who can select a room June 1-5, 2015, and your roommate is not eligible to select a space until June 6, you will be able to invite them to the room during your priority timeline, and they will be able to confirm it on June 6. We recommend the person with the earliest priority date pick the room, and invite others from there.


                                      I had a roommate but they vacated the space in the room. Can I find someone else to fill the open space in the room?

                                        Even if their initial roommate leaves the room, they will not be able to invite a different roommate or reserve a space.


                                          I am a new incoming student and I want to live with a returning student. How do I go about asking them to be my roommate?

                                            The current/returning student has the earliest room selection priority, so they will have to be the one to select a space and invite you to it. The space will be held for you until you are eligible to select a space, so long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the space. You will not be able to invite a current/returning student to your room during new student room selection as it will be past their selection time period.


                                              Can I select a double-as-single?

                                                Unfortunately, we are not able to offer double-as-single rooms. If you select a double room, and do not have a roommate identified, you should expect to be assigned a roommate. The same applies to triple and quadruple rooms. We expect to be full in the fall, so you should expect to have the equivalent number of roommates as there are available beds in the room.


                                                  I don’t see any spaces available in the building I want, what should I do?

                                                    The best advice we can provide is not to panic. Space availability changes often, so we encourage you to select a room in another building, sign your contract, and come back and check on availability in your desired building often. If nothing becomes available during the online room selection process, we will maintain a waitlist of change requests over the summer after July 1, 2015. That still gives us almost three months to see if we can get you into your preferred building!


                                                      My friend is thinking about coming to OSU next year. Can we live together?

                                                        Sure! Your friend will need to gain admission to OSU as soon as possible, so they can apply for housing. If they will not be admitted until after the housing selection process is complete, work with the Assignments and Room Management staff at Housing@oregonstate.edu to see what options are available.


                                                            I have selected my space on campus for next year, how do I go about signing my contract to confirm my space?

                                                              The contract must be signed prior to room selection, and there is no time limit.


                                                                I’m only 17, can I sign my contract electronically?

                                                                  Absolutely! If you are 17 years or older, you will sign the 2015-16 housing contract electronically. However, if you under the age of 17 you will be mailed a paper copy of the 2015-16 housing and dining contract to sign. A parent or guardian will have to cosign the contract with you.


                                                                    What happens if I miss room selection? Can I still live on campus?

                                                                      For current OSU students, you will need to select a room April 6-May 31, 2015 in order to secure placement on campus for 2015-16. For new students, if you miss the selection time period, you will be assigned a room based on availability after room selection ends on June 30.


                                                                        What if I am not admitted to the University until summer? Can I still live on campus?

                                                                          Yes, but you will want to complete a housing application as soon as you gain admissions to the University. Housing assignments for fall term will be done on a rolling basis during summer. You will be notified via your MyUHDS and ONID email account with detailed instructions on how to proceed when you have received a placement. It is important to remember that while top housing preferences are taken into consideration, they are not guaranteed.


                                                                            I have been selected to be an RA for this upcoming year. Do I need to select a space?

                                                                              No, if you will be an RA, we will assign you to your RA room during the housing selection process. However, we will need you to complete a fall housing application, and sign your electronic contract once you’ve received notification of assignment from Housing@oregonstate.edu.

                                                                                Given the First Year Experience program requiring first-year students to live on campus, does UHDS anticipate any issue accommodating all students wanting to live on campus?               

                                                                                  No. UHDS feels very confident that we have enough space to accommodate our returning and new student populations.


                                                                                  If you have any further questions or concerns about the Room Selection process, please contact the Assignments and Room Management office at (541) 737-4771 or by email at Housing@oregonstate.edu.