Thank you to all who have submitted questions about our 2013-14 and 2014-15 Resident Director searches. We will update the page below with new questions and answers as we recieve them. Ask a question.


Question: Are there options for Resident Directors that are married/partnered?

Answer: Regarding the live-in component of the position, there is an expectation that Resident Directors live in the communities that they are placed in.  Should there be a case where 2 Resident Directors are partnered and want to request an exception to this expectation (one RD not living in their hall, but their partner’s hall), these requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  


Question: What is the alcohol policy for underage students?

Answer: Our policy around alcohol is in accordance with Oregon state law.  Residents and their guests who are under the age of 21 may not possess or consume alcohol.  For the full alcohol policy, please see the University Housing & Dining Services Policy Guide.


Question: What’s your policy regarding live-in same-sex partners?

Answer: Residential Education professional live-in staff can have whomever they wish live with them and need only provide their names so we can add them to our Assignments database and issue them keys.  If partners are wanting to have the benefits of being an OSU Affiliate (library access, recreation center, athletics discounts, etc), they do need to sign an Affidavit of Marriage or an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership with OSU. 


Question: How many RAs and Graduate Assistants do you employ?

Answer:  We have 123 Resident Assistants (RA) on staff.  This number includes Senior Resident Assistants (SRA), who perform additional responsibilities and take a leadership role among the RA group.  There is typically one SRA in each hall staff team.  We currently employ 2 Graduate Assistants, an Assistant Resident Director who works in our largest community (Hawley-Buxton Halls) and a Graduate Assistant for Academic Success and Engagement.


Question: When would the position begin?

Answer: As soon as possible.


Question: Do you have any idea how many resident directors you will hire for 2014-2015?

Answer: We currently have one confirmed opening, and will know more about additional openings as we get closer to interviews.


Question: Are OSU students concerned about Social Justice & or are there Resident Hall programs that discuss Social Justice issues?

Answer: OSU students are concerned about social justice issues and are willing to get involved.  Many seem to have a genuine interest in the area and get involved through Community Relations Facilitators, Building Inclusive Communities (3-week workshops focusing on foundations of social justice for students and staff), or in-hall programming.  The Diversity Initiative in UHDS is intended to increase the level of comfort, satisfaction, and academic success for students from historically underrepresented communities and thereby increase the student recruitment and retention.


Question: Are there any images of the typical RD apartment?

Answer: Here are some images of one of our RD apartments (Bloss Hall RD apartment).  While there are a variety of differences between RDs apartment (layout, square footage, number of rooms, and appliances), all RD apartments come furnished, have kitchens, cable, internet and a landline phone.

Bloss RD apartment

Bloss RD apartmentBloss RD apartmentBloss RD apartmentBloss RD apartmentBloss RD apartment










































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