Eligible for Application

To be eligible to apply for student family housing, you must be admitted to Oregon State University. You will not be able to complete the online application until you receive full admission status. You do not need to be enrolled at the time of application, but must be enrolled (or in the process of enrollment) prior to signing a rental agreement and taking occupancy.

There is a $35 eligibility screening application fee to help cover the cost of staff time for verifying application and wait list eligibility records, including, but not limited to, checking academic admissions and enrollment records, reviewing proof of eligibility documents (affidavits, birth certificates, etc.), and verifying student account status. This fee is billed to the OSU student account upon completion of the online application for family housing, and is non-refundable.

Upon accepting an apartment assignment offer and signing a rental agreement, you may be asked to provide documents showing that you meet the eligibility requirements for student family housing, such as an affidavit of marriage or domestic partnership, birth certificates or custody papers for children, and other applicable documents. Your date of application establishes your place in the list within your assignment priority category (or categories).

Because space at Orchard Court is limited, eligibility for student family housing is granted to OSU students in this order:

  1. Students with dependent children or students with a spouse or domestic partner
  2. Single graduate students

Dependents are defined as children 17 years of age or younger, of whom the student has custody. Both graduate and undergraduate students may apply. Appointees on the University staff at higher than .5 FTE are not eligible for student family housing.

Assignment Priorities & Household Occupancy

Priority for assignment to one, two or three bedroom units is listed below. Each unit is limited to a maximum of two adults.

One Bedroom (maximum occupancy 2 persons)

  1. Single students with 1 dependent or students with a spouse or domestic partner
  2. Single graduate students

Two Bedroom (maximum occupancy 4 persons)

  1. A couple with 1-2 dependants or a single parent student with 1-3 dependants
  2. Students with a spouse or domestic partner

Three Bedroom (maximum occupancy 6 persons)

  1. A couple with 3-4 dependants or a single parent with 3-5 dependants
  2. A single parent student with 2 dependants or a couple with 2 dependants

*Graduate students may apply for student family housing, but are assigned only after other priorities are met for students with dependents or for students with spouses or domestic partners. The likelihood of assignment is contingent upon how many others with higher priorities have applied for student family housing.

Waiting List

Once your application is received, you will be placed on the apartment wait list based on your eligibility status and application priority date. You will be sent an e-mail confirming your application has been received, and an approximate idea of how long the wait may be. The wait is generally between 12-18 months, depending on what type of apartment you are eligible for and your placement on the waiting list.


You will sign a rental agreement at the time you are offered and accept an apartment unit. Rental agreements for student family housing are on a month-by-month tenancy, requiring a 30-day vacate notice for cancellation. The residency period is limited to a maximum of four years per household, with some exceptions possible for students finishing academic degree programs.

You must be enrolled, or in the process of enrollment, before you sign a rental agreement and take occupancy. The household members who qualify you for eligibility in student family housing (dependent children, spouse, domestic partner) must reside with you in the apartment unit, as stated on your application.

While living in Student Family Housing, you must be enrolled as a student each term and meet the minimum qualifications for satisfactory academic progress as specified in current OSU academic regulations. You do not have to take a specific number of credit hours to maintain your residency.

Residency eligibility may be transferred between the adults (spouse or partner) in your household, as long as the adult named is an enrolled OSU student. The transferability option is available only for adults who were originally listed on the household occupancy information or added later as an amendment to household occupants on the rental agreement. The maximum residency period is four years per household, even if eligibility has been transferred to a different person than originally designated.

Your eligibility for residency ends 30 days after the end of the month in which you complete your academic program at OSU.

After you move in, you are responsible for notifying us of any changes in your household occupancy, and in directory and application information. This includes any updates in your current address and phone number.