The award-winning Community Relations Facilitator program promotes inclusive and welcoming communities in the residence halls, cooperative houses, and dining facilities through facilitated workshops and programs.  As a function of University Housing and Dining Services the CRFs work and live within the residence halls and operate in the cooperative houses to lead discussions and activities around issues of diversity and social justice. They also act as a liaison for the six cultural resouce centers on campus. This years cohort:

CRF Family 2015-16


What We Do

The UHDS Community Relations Facilitator position was created as a peer education role to work with student-staff and student leaders in promoting inclusive and welcoming environments in the residence halls, cooperatives, and dining centers.

2015-16 Community Relations Facilitators

Blogging for Social Justice

CRFs blog about a variety of issues stemming from LGBTQ and racial identities, privilege, oppression, masculinity, and allyship.

Multicultural Resource Guide

The OSU Multicultura Resource Guide is a dynamic web-based resource guide providing students, staff, and faculty a centralized place to obtain information on hard-to-find resources. The hope is that this would be specifically useful for students, staff, and faculty who are new to OSU and looking for information on services and resources that are otherwise difficult to find. An example of a commonly reported challenge would be an African-American woman looking for hair care services in Corvallis. The resources are not only local services or businesses but also campus resources.

UHDS Multicultural Resource Library

The UHDS Multicultural Resource Library is filled with a variety of films and books. The library consists of feature films, documentaries, video clips, books, and novels that are available to borrow for professional development as well as utilized during CRF facilitations.